Puppy Pride is run entirely by unpaid volunteers, who do their best to help the community.

We provide a free social network with events, blogs, profiles, images, and so on. We also sponsor events, loan out equipment, and purchase new equipment for events.

Unlike some social networks who require users to pay money to access content or send unlimited messages, Puppy Pride has always been 100% free to use and we want to keep it that way.

Everything is currently paid by our volunteers and donations. All money from store sales goes back into the website, events and wider community.
However, Puppy Pride needs your help.

There's a lot that we want to do, including:

  • Redesigning and improving the website
  • Adding more functionality to the social network
  • Sponsoring more events throughout the UK
  • Organising pup groups in more Pride parades
  • Promoting pet play in the wider LGBT+ and kink communities

We can not afford to do it without your help and support. If you can afford to sponsor the website then it will be most appreciated by everyone here.

We also know that people like to get something for their money.

All Profits from your donation will go directly into maintaining and improving the social network, and sponsoring more events local to you.

All of the support packages can be bought on our webstore here: https://puppypride.store/monthly-packages/subscriptions

The packages are posted on the first weekday of each month following payment, and you can cancel at any time via your PayPal account.

Supporter's badge and the removal of adverts can take up to 48 hours from purchase. Please note that if your PayPal address is different from the email you use on your account here then you will need to email us to let us know!