The 10th Annual Pups at Pride In London Walk

Saturday 2nd July 2022

12:00am BST

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Tokenhouse Moogate
Saturday 2nd July 2022

12:00am BST

2022-07-02 00:00:00 2022-07-02 00:00:00 Europe/London The 10th Annual Pups at Pride In London Walk Join us for our belated 10th walk in Pride in London 4 Moorgate, United Kingdom admin
Tokenhouse Moogate
4 Moorgate
United Kingdom
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Event Details

The 10th Annual Pups at Pride In London Parade & The London Pup Sightseeing Tour

Tickets can be ordered on Ticket Tailor here:

If you want to join the Party (with food, drink and fun), get your tickets here:

This year there are TWO walks for you to pick from! They are both happening at the SAME TIME so you can only walk in one.

Pride in London Parade

This is walking in the Pride in London parade. More details about the route will be shared once we know the details.

We're teaming up with Pup Out London with the aim of getting both pup groups next to each other in the parade.

Walking in the Pride in London is free for all attendees. We do pay for the group registration, so donations are welcome but not required.

Do NOT book walking wristbands with multiple groups as you will prevent someone else from walking.

Sightseeing Tour

Missed out on tickets to walk in the parade? Want a shorter and more timely walk? Why not join the Sightseeing Tour!

This will be a FREE walk by London's landmarks to see the sights and interact with the public.

The Sightseeing Tour will start and end at Tokenhouse Moorgate, the location of the Fetish Party. There will be plenty of time for photos outside landmarks and with tourists.

People on the Sightseeing Tour will be offered places in the Parade if some become available on the day.

All Sightseeing Tour attendees will get one of the fantastic goodie bags (with water, treats and goodies from sponsors).

Please note: you can NOT do both the Parade and Sightseeing Tour as they're at the same time!

Goodie Bags

If you're joining the Pup Sightseeing Tour, or the Pride in London Parade, you'll receive one of our goodie bags (filled with help from our awesome friends). So far, each goodie bag will contain:

  • 3 x 500ml bottles of water
  • Rehydration tablets
  • A selection of edible treats
  • Puppy Pride 2022 Wristband
  • Collectable gift from Puppy Pride
  • Collectable gift from Pup Out London

Plus gifts from these awesome sponsors:

  • To be confirmed

Dress Code

There is a swimwear-minimum dress code. This means no exposed butts and female nipples must be covered (blame the government, not us).

If you are wearing a rubber catsuit, please make sure that you do NOT have the zips between your legs unless they are cable tied or padlocked shut.

There may be heatwaves or storms. Please dress appropriately in either case.

Timings on the Day

  • Parade walk departs: TBC
  • Sightseeing Tour departs: 1 pm
  • Sightseeing Tour returns: 3 pm (approx)
  • Parade group returns: TBC

The Fetish Party will run from 9 am to midnight, with two buffets throughout the day. Check out The Fetish Party to learn more!

COVID Precautions

We will be enforcing COVID regulations as set out by the government at the time.

Party Venue

This year our party will be at Tokenhouse in Moorgate. To get more details, and book your tickets for it, see here: