SoCal Creatures Aniversary Pet mosh

Sunday 15th March 2020

2:00pm - 7:00pm PDT

Posted By: AlphaTemplar
Dungeon East - LDE Studios
$1-$2 donation recomended
Sunday 15th March 2020
2:00pm - 7:00pm PDT
2020-03-15 14:00:00 2020-03-15 19:00:00 Europe/London SoCal Creatures Aniversary Pet mosh Celebrate a year with us with a pet mosh party 970 South Alameda Street, Los Angeles, 90021, United States AlphaTemplar
Dungeon East - LDE Studios
970 South Alameda Street
Los Angeles
United States
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Toys, Collar and Leash, Rubber, Leather, Neoprene, Lycra, Pet Play, Gimp
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Event Details

Come celebrate ONE YEAR of community, inclusion, and pet play love. Let's kick off this first anniversary with fun, play, and exciting giveaways!

Boast your pride with buttons and acrylic charms of your SoCal Creatures community logo. $1-2 suggested donation.

We will be raffling off a kitty ears + tail set and a puppy show tail, possibly more! Bring a Potluck item for a raffle ticket to win one of these prizes! Extra tickets will be available at $1/each.

Contact us at [email protected] to inquire about our low income options. This event is 18+.

Want a space to be your animal self and meet other pets and Handlers? Do you feel drawn to pet/animal play, but haven't yet figured out what kind of creature you are?

Come to the SoCal Creatures Animal & Pet Mosh! An inclusive event run by two queer Alpha Females.

This is a safe space for creatures and Handlers of all shapes and sizes. No matter your gender, sexuality, ethnicity, background, or "species," you are welcome here. You are family.

We will have areas lovingly crafted to satisfy every pet/animal play style:

  • A main mosh area with mats, toys, water bowls, a mini ball pit, couches, and plenty of space for happy active play;
  • Cages;
  • A special area for intimate play;
  • A potluck and treat bar for hungry humans and animals;
  • And super comfy "chill zones" for cuddly and sleepy critters.

Nudity is allowed in all spaces. This is a DRY event, meaning no alcoholic beverages will be served. If you cause problems, you will be asked to leave.


  • Always practice Safe, Sane, Consensual and Risk-Aware Consensual Kink
  • If you're an animal, wear sleeve kneepads and padded mitts/MMA gloves
  • Take breaks to eat, chill, and HYDRATE!
  • Make any dietary restrictions known to the Hosts and your playmates
  • Intimate Acts only in the Designated Area, and always with protective barriers
  • No shoes on the mats!
  • Don't play rough tug with your teeth! They're not as strong as you think they are ;)
  • If you're nervous or shy, our Hosts and Volunteers will be around to happily introduce you to people!
  • Be aware that you're entering an intentionally inclusive space, and help make it so. That includes not judging or kink-shaming others, treating everyone with kindness, and NEVER assuming pronouns
  • Most of all... HAVE FUN ♥

For more in-depth tips, see our FAQ:

Come join us and help us continue to create this space for pets of all kinds and the people who love them :)

Let's Be Wild Together!