Puppy Play @ Nordic Fuzzcon

Saturday 3rd March 2018

8:30pm - 10:00pm CET

Posted By: Pup Trash
Room Foxtrot
Free for con attendees
Saturday 3rd March 2018
8:30pm - 10:00pm CET
2018-03-03 20:30:00 2018-03-03 22:00:00 Europe/London Puppy Play @ Nordic Fuzzcon Furry convention meets puppy play 10 Kanalvägen, 194 61, Sverige Pup Trash
Room Foxtrot
10 Kanalvägen
194 61
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Discipline , Master/Slave, Collar and Leash, Rubber, Leather, Neoprene, Pet Play
Pup gear is not required to attend the event

Event Details

If you're down for some playtime with pups during your stay at Nordic Fuzzcon 2018 this event is for you! A social event both for playing with other pups and casual small-talk, it is in many ways like a meet-and-greet! You can also get infomation about human pups, and even try out a pup hood, so here's the perfect chance to see if this is something for you!

Pup gear is not a requirement to attend. A playful mind goes a long way!

There will be toys, a 9 square meter soft play area, treats and water available for the puppies

The event will include a photoshoot. Photos during the actual event will be improvised on the fly. Anyone wanting to get their picture taken while pupping out is welcome to do so upon request, or pup portraits e.g (@thetrashwolf isn’t familiar with the room, but will bring camera gear and some lights). We would love to make a group photo of all pups, handlers and fursuiters attending the event towards the end. No one will be photographed without permission

The event is open for everyone, from the curious cat (sorry...) to the puppy lifestyler. If you are interested to learn about puppy play and get a taste to see if this is for you, we invite you to come by to meet some friendly pups, ask questions, and perhaps even join in on some play, if you so dare! Don't worry, we're a friendly bunch and we don't bite, though there is a danger of becoming a victim of a friendly nose boop or two ;)

The event will take place in the room Foxtrot, Saturday the 3rd, 20.30 - 22.00,.

Fursuiters are welcome to come play with the pups!

The event is SFW

We have a Telegram Chat for those who are interested in this event. Come in and give your input to what you would like to experience during the event!