London Pride 2017

Saturday 8th July 2017

2:00pm - 5:00pm BST

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Saturday 8th July 2017
2:00pm - 5:00pm BST
2017-07-08 14:00:00 2017-07-08 17:00:00 Europe/London London Pride 2017 Join us for our annual walk through the streets of London in full fetish gear! George Street, London, United Kingdom admin
George Street
United Kingdom
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Exhibitionism, Master/Slave, Collar and Leash, Rubber, Leather, Neoprene, Lycra, Pet Play
Wear Whatever You Want!

Event Details

There are NO more spaces to march! Message Admin if you'd like to be put onto the waiting list for wristbands!

On Saturday 8th July, we invite you to join us for the 7th Annual Pup Walk through the streets of London in full fetish gear.

Everyone walking in London Pride is required to wear a "Pride in London" wristband. We have been permission to wear them on collars and harnesses. Groups each have a limited number of these wristbands. This is due to London Pride itself having a cap on the total amount of walkers in the parade, for safety and security reasons. To keep it fair they have allocated wristands to the groups based upon based number of participants at previous events.

Tickets to walk in the parade are FREE, if you don't have a ticket already please message Admin to see if there are any left.

We will have a changing room and bag storage for the event, details can be found here. There will be a cost for this which will include a full buffet after the event.

On The Day

Fire opens at 10am, where the venue will fully open to enjoy the play spaces and social areas. Those marching will be leaving at 12:30PM to get the Victoria Line train to Warren Street station.

For those without a ticket to Fire you need to be outside Coffee Cakes & Kisses at 1:00PM where you will be met by those from Fire so you can collect your wristbands.

We will leave Coffee Cakes & Kisses at 1:30PM to join the parade. Please make sure you are there and registered before this time. The group will then make it's way to Portland Place.

Pride in London estimate that our section will begin marching between 2:15-2:45 but this is subject to how the rest of the parade is progressing.

Once the parade breaks up at Whitehall we would like everyone to wait for 5 minutes by the wall of whichever side street we are allowed down so we can pose for a massive group photos. We expect to finish at about 4:30-5:00. We'll then pay a quick trip to the Embankment station toilets before takings a train back to the changing area where you can collect your bags and join us for the buffet, play area and after-party.

Food should be ready at about 6pm, so that people can tuck in as soon as we arrive.

Dress Code

Full gear is preferred but not required. All we ask is that you make an effort.

Pups are strongly advised to wear kneepads and gloves/mitts for their own comfort and safety.

Do NOT wear plug tails. Do NOT wear backless underwear if you're going to be on all fours. These are both illegal under the public decency law. Backless is ok if you're standing only. If we catch anyone with either of these you will be asked to leave the walking group.

If you're in a rubber catsuit, please make sure the zips are locked/tied/clipped togeather so that they don't accidently come apart as you're walking (as happened last year).


Introduce yourself to me (Kye, in the HANDLER t-shirt and blue armband) when you arrive. I am legally liable for everyone in our group, so I need to know who you are and if you have any medical conditions.

Bring water and any medication you might need.

Stay behind the lead pup at all times on the walk, and leave a distance of at least 2 metres from the group in front.

Banners are discouraged. People want to walk amongst the various pup groups freely, without seeming associated with one group over another. Puppy Pride hasn't had a banner in previous years, and won't have one this year.

Handouts are not recommended, they are very hard to give out if you have paws on.

Stickers are also banned at this year's Pride due to the problems they cause for street cleaners. If you hand them out, you may be fined.

If you want to wave the Leather Puppy Pride Flag (the striped one with a bone), we request that you stay at the back of the walking group while waving it. This is because people get upset when all photos of them have them hidden behind flags!


By attending the march with the Puppy Pride walking group, you grant us full rights to use any images of yourself both on our website and for marketing purposes. This includes images taken by our photographers, other members of the walking group, and from the public domain. Please note, this is to promote next year's Pride walks! We will NOT use the images for commercial purposes.

In the days following the Parade, We will be sharing many of the photos via Puppy Pride and Dropbox. If you find any pictures of pups, we will appreciate it if you could forward them to us!

After Party

This year there will be a changing area before the parade, and an after party once we ave finished, which will be held are Fire in Vauxhall. Details can be found

If you want to be in the parade and come to the after party you MUST order tickets for each. Having a ticket for the after party DOES NOT mean you can march unless you have a FREE wristband ticket as well.


There are NO more spaces to march! Message Admin if you'd like to be put onto the waiting list for wristbands!