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  • A Day In The Life: A Puppy's Story

    Tags: Ideal Day
    Published on Tue 8th Sep 2015 by CollaredLioness
    4 Barks | 3 Comments
    The shrill beeping of the alarm causes a matted head to pop up, abandoning that wonderful foot-pillow in favor of howling at that loud noise. After all, every pup knows the solution to noise is more noise. It seems to work, for seconds later an a...
  • Today

    Tags: Ideal Day
    Published on Mon 17th Aug 2015 by hexyc
    5 Barks | 6 Comments
    Today is a good day. After waking I lift myself off the soft cushion bellow, taking deep breaths of the morning air. A gentle fresh breeze wafts through, juxtaposed by the familiar, ever-present musk from latex and sweat. Once on my knees I pause,...