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  • Photography and Friends

    Published on Mon 4th Jan 2016 by Zuk
    2 Barks | 5 Comments
    I guess I want to get to know people better and such, but I just suck at introductions and making the first move. Also, I'd like to practice photography more. So if anyone is interested, then perhaps arrange something. But if you, yourself, are a ...
  • A Stranger's Home

    Published on Thu 5th Nov 2015 by Zuk
    3 Barks | 2 Comments
    The hollowing feeling as a lengthy claw slithers down your spine, the solidifying feeling when the breath of that shadow covers your neck. Looking into the reflection of the window, all you can see standing behind you is an expressionless mannequi...
  • My pup breed and why

    Published on Tue 3rd Nov 2015 by Zuk
    1 Bark | 0 Comments
    This is for you, admin! You better be grateful :p When I consider what breed I am, I transcribe the characteristics of one particular type of pooch; not for matching qualities in every aspect, but rather the traits that fill me ...