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Published On Saturday, April 16, 2016
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So last Saturday (9th April) I went to my first pet play event pup out at Expectations. It was awesome and before I get started blogging i just want to thank every one for being so welcoming and for all the hugs. So I set of fairly tired from the night before having not slept well. I had decided Thursday evening I was going to attend this event & was both excited & nervous at the same time despite knowing what to expect. So I cause the 10:30am train down to London so I would have time to find the venue once I had navigated the tube (i always look at the wrong map first and confuse my self). I manges to Old Street but then it took me a little while find the venue but once I got directions from a lovely person at a book store I found it and the rest of the day was great. I met kye, pan, scruff, levi a bunch of the pups I picked my self up some new gear and used pan as a pillow for good chunk of the day. Overall I don't know why I felt nervous but the day was great and thoroughly enjoyed it, even saw a store pan wants to visit while waiting for my train (platform 9 3/4)

thank you guys for making last Saturday so much fun & I can't wait for the next event I can get to

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