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Published On Thursday, February 11, 2016
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General Questions about Petplay

Q: Does petplay have a sexual part? A: Not necessarily. It is up to the pet and the owner how they want to play. Some people prefer a non-sexual relationship while playing, some people do it between pet and owner, and some pets only want to make it with other pets. So it is absolute up to you, how you want to play. There is no rule for it.

Q: Do I need an outfit to make “real petplay” ? A: Of course not. If you feel fine while naked or wear normal clothes it is fine. If you want to have an outfit that fits to the kind of pet you are, it´s good too. No matter how you play, the most important thing is that you, and your partner feeling well and like what you do.

Q: Is Ponyplay the highest state of petplay? A: No, it is not. Some people think or say that. Maybe cause Ponyplay equipment can be really expensive. But the gear for pups, cats, pigs and other pets can be too. Ponies often try to “look expensive”. It is their natural behavior to be beautiful, look proud and shine. So there are often many small details on the outfit like rings, bells and feathers. That is all.

Q: Is petplay some kind of fight between the pets who is the best or the alpha? A: Usually not. The relationship between pets and/or owners is a friendship. In my experience, Germans have often more the will to be the better pet or owner, and Americans , Russians and people from the UK are more open minded. Please note that this is not my personal opinion, but the experience I have made.

Q: Petplay is a subculture of BDSM, or not? A: That’s a difficult question. Cause there is no right or wrong. Many petplayers doesn’t see petplay as a strict part of BDSM. It depends on the way you live petplay. I think you can say a pup is subordinated to his/her master or the alpha. Cats and ponies usually doesn´t have that rank order to their owners. In the meaning of BDSM I would say, discipline is a part of petplay.

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