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Published On Thursday, January 7, 2016
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So today I went on a night out to one of my local bars where I have been going for about 2 years. After uploading pictures on my Facebook about me as a Pup i have been quite open about it and have got a care free attitude. So they had a dog bowl behind the counter and I asked if my drink could be served in the dog bowl. They did not question why and just said of corse. Though out the night I had quite a few positive enquiries of why I was drinking out of a dog bowl. So rather than just telling them I showed them

I had nothing but positive responses from people whether they were Gay or Straight and it was very pleasing. One of the straight guys asked me, so I showed him and he asked me what he could get me to do. So I explained in an environment like that I could do most things. He asked me to beg so I got on my knees and begged him. He said I was the cutest thing he had ever seen.

I am so proud and happy to be a pup and hope to inspire many more and open peoples minds :)


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