What is being a puppy to you?

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Published On Wednesday, January 6, 2016
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I've always wanted to explain in words what being a Pup means to me and ever since finding out about human puppy's, how it's impacted how I feel and how it personally helps my wellbeing. I'm aware a lot of pups in the community use it as sexual interaction and kink or a fetish but I don't see it like that at all. For me it's more of a release from my human life, the divide between having so many priorities, important human life lessons, work and not being able to fully express myself in my human form.

I've only newly found puppy play and all that it involved and entails and I feel a sense of belonging. It feels right to put on a dog face, have a tail, fumble around on the floor and have human companionship who I can be loyal to in a different way to what I can be as a human. If I'm feeling a bit down or lost in the normal world, I'll put my hood on and become Bleu, get my beanbag and blanket and curl up to watch telly... If I have company I'll curl up next to her for head stroked and belly tickles which relaxes me and completely disconnects me from everything else. It's a complete release and a complete relief to get out of the stressful human head into the playful, calm, loving puppy mind set.

Overall it's the better option for me and it feels right, more... Myself, as Bleu.

I hope that all made sense and is sort of relatable. wags and licks

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