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Published On Sunday, January 3, 2016
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Soooooo. The last 2 days I was really down and depressed. So many stupif things happen around me and with me. People said bad things to me and hurt me. Well, hmmm I don´t know how to say. There are only two really states for me. Yee, maybe three. Whatever. So even I´m 34 now, in my head I´m the most time round about 14 or 16. Baaaaaah I didn´t thought it it is that difficult to explain. Meep, keyword psychological problems. Ooookay the other state is sadness. I seem to be grown up when I´m sad. And it changes sometimes within minutes how I feel. I think some of you maybe noticed it here and there.

But the blog title said "about your favorite colors" So here it is. When I´m sad I keep my brain busy with doing creative stuff. No matter what it is. So I made Loomys for all of you. I don´t know for what I made them. Here it is usual to make a Loomy for someone, that is important for you. I have made much because, you´re all important to me :) So take a look at the photos I´ve made to see your Loomy. I decided to use the Star-Loom as basic shape for all, because it looks a little like the union jack. (thanks Pan ^^) I asked all of you for the colors buuuuuuut, Kye gets the blue/white one, because they are the Puppy Pride colors. Yaoi-Kitten and Grey wasnt online, so I took black/orange for Kitten based on a photo in his profile, and a black/silver/white Loomy for Grey. I hope you like it.

So, hmmm. Well... not the most interesting blog entry. Maybe you did´nt know but, you helped me with this to keep my head clear the last days. So I just wanna say "Thank you!" :)

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