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Published On Friday, November 13, 2015
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Pup Palace

I would just like to say a huge thank you to all the pups and handlers who turned up over the weekend! This was the first event I've seen where the pups were spoiled by being outnumbered by the handlers.

We are hopeful that this can be a regular event, and will update you when we know more!

Photos coming soon.


Friday 13th November - Saturday 15th November Times vary per day Venue: Olympia Location: Kensington, London Cost: £20+

Sexpo™ UK promises a vibrant weekend of award-winning entertainment, spellbinding performances, and glamorous catwalk shows. Visitors will have the opportunity to meet award-winning erotic authors, pose for a picture with their favourite glamour models, and attend a number of interactive workshops and seminars. The event offers a thoroughly unique shopping experience where the UK’s top retailers will be showcasing their latest products. All this, coupled with the chance to attend exclusive after parties and socialise with like-minded individuals, makes Sexpo™ UK an unforgettable experience to be enjoyed by singles and couples alike.

With lots of stalls to shop at, talks to attend, and performances to watch, there's a whole weekend of fun waiting for you.

You'll be able to find Puppy Pride at stall E22 with a 20sq meter play space where puppies can play to their hearts content. There will be treats, toys, and dog beds. At least one handler, and several official staff pups, will be on duty all the time to make sure no one gets into trouble, and to play with.

Buy your tickets on Ticketmaster today

Use the code 'PuppyPride' to get 20% off!

Free dog tag for Puppy Pride members at the event, while stocks last

Help Support Puppy Pride

As you know, Puppy Pride is the best online home for pet play! To help us maintain and improve the site, we need people like you to support our Patreon.

Your donations will help us to:

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We can't do this without your help, and appreciate all donations however big or small.

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Pups on TV!

Firecracker Films are working alongside Puppy Pride to produce a film about the escapist world of puppy play.

Human Pups (working title) will be a single film for Channel 4 examining the growing puppy play scene in the UK. It will explore the community’s desire to dress up and partake in role-play. The film will be an honest, revealing and warm look at the world and will tell both pups and handlers stories in a non-judgemental way.

They would like to speak to you (discreetly) about your experiences as part of their research. If you are interested in the film, be it anonymously or otherwise, please get in touch and they can give you more information: [email protected]

Website Updates

No updates this week, due to Sexpo preparations

As always, just email [email protected] if you find any bugs or have any suggestions.

Writing Competitions

Current Themes:

What breed are you and why? Fact - Tell us what breed of pup/horse/cat you are and why that one suits your behaviour. Tagged 'Breed' Ends Friday 20th November

With the added photography contests, we are making the writing contests monthly. We'll have a new writing or photography contest every 2 weeks.

First Prize can be a pick of a box of chocolates or toys!

Photography Competition

To enter, all you have to do is upload your pictures matching the current theme to the Puppy Pride and you'll be automatically entered.

All entrants will receive a dog tag or a pair of wristbands, but the first prize is a professional photo shoot in London or Manchester!

The current photography competition theme is:

Halloween Take a photo of yourself (or your handler) looking suitably spooky in gear! Ends Monday 16th November (extended due to Sexpo)

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