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Published On Thursday, December 10, 2015
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Upcoming Event Information

Tomorrow is the FetishBound Winter Party, when someone will take their customary place as the tree (no marking it) and pups get to howl along with cheesy Christmas music. We'll be there as usual showing our support for a fantastic London fetish club.

This Saturday is home to the 24th London Walkies. An informal walk around London as organised by Rover. Here's hoping for good weather!

And [email protected] move from Thursdays to the first Fridays of each month and will be open until 3AM! This change of day is definitely something to look forward to. NOTE: As the first Friday of January would be on the 1st it had been moved to the 8th for that month only, and then the 1st Friday of the month from then on.

Northen pups be on the lookout for information about a new event starting in Manchester by our friends PupsOfNorth!

Christmas Time

Start your Christmas early by entering one of our Christmas competitions. There is a writing and a photography competition, both with fantastic prizes.

Please remember that we can only operate with your support, we are grateful for any help from the community by entering the competitions, using the forum, and uploading photos.

If you're feeling generous as well then please see our Patreon page to help support the website and our operations financially.

Help Support Puppy Pride

As you know, Puppy Pride is the best online home for pet play! To help us maintain and improve the site, we need people like you to support our Patreon.

Your donations will help us to:

  • Maintain and improve the website by hiring new staff.
  • Reward the community for their contributions.
  • Purchase a licence to store videos, and stream them on computers and mobiles.
  • Sponsor more events in the UK and internationally.

We can't do this without your help, and appreciate all donations however big or small.

If you would like to support us, check out:

We don't want anyone to feel obliged to donate anything. If you can't, all we ask is that you continue to support us by contributing to the website with your blogs, forum posts, and pictures.

Pups on TV!

Firecracker Films are working alongside Puppy Pride to produce a film about the escapist world of puppy play.

Human Pups (working title) will be a single film for Channel 4 examining the growing puppy play scene in the UK. It will explore the community’s desire to dress up and partake in role-play. The film will be an honest, revealing and warm look at the world and will tell both pups and handlers stories in a non-judgemental way.

They would like to speak to you (discreetly) about your experiences as part of their research. If you are interested in the film, be it anonymously or otherwise, please get in touch and they can give you more information:

[email protected]

Website Updates

Minor bug fixes to event management

As always, just email [email protected] if you find any bugs or have any suggestions.

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