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Published On Tuesday, December 22, 2015
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It’s a common trait among pups to be … camera friendly to say the least (or this is a statistical bias due to the exposure caused by this). Being no exception to this I’m a bit of a sucker when someone comes along offering a free photoshoot. When that person is Kye and the photoshoot is to help promote Puppy Pride that makes it very hard to turn down (even if the organisation isn’t the best hehe). And I wasn’t the only one, 3 other pups (Scruff, Spot and Kairo) joined the photographers and handlers to have a trip out in London.

Out being the key word. This wasn’t just a shoot in some studio, or someone’s house or a club. This was pups padding around London’s main attractions outside, in full gear, with the public. I’ve experienced a few outdoor pup activities but this seemed the biggest. Not only for the length of time but also the places we were going.

Meeting in parliament square, opposite the House of Commons, set the scene. The hustle and bustle that I’m accustomed to felt rather different this time, knowing what I was about to do. A sense of uncertainty, even worry, was present. Getting changed into my gear and donning my hood under the light of big ben was quite an ominous experience. But once everything was put on, buckled on and zipped up, that all melted away. Just like back in my bedroom or out in a club, the worries and uncertainties disappear and are replaced with pup. It was pretty amazing how powerful it is, to still hold power standing in the middle of London with downtown rush still circulating around me.

We began. Taking various photos and poses in front of major London sights, such as big ben, the London eye and Trafalgar square (specifics will have to be omitted, don’t want to ruin the photos). Though along the way there was various other opportunities, especially with the public.

Luckily my concerns about negative interactions with other people never came to fruition. It was awesome walking along the Thames bank in full rubber and no one doing anything bad. In fact the only thing they did do was positive, from asking if they could take a picture to smiling and waving at us (to which we happily returned the waves with woof and wags too). Even around leister square, which was heaving with people like normal, the most negative emotion I saw was envy.

The best interaction was when we arrived in Trafalgar square, while taking photos with the sites, we were approached by the security contingent there. This was slightly daunting, 5 men and women turning up in high viz looking all official and heading straight for us. However as soon as they arrived it was clear from their smiles that they came in peace. Having a proper look we performed some tricks and had some photos with them holding our leashes. They found it awesome, one even commenting “I’m standing out here every night, in the cold, this month and this has made it all worth it!”

That’s what I always find great about pupping out, the interactions that it causes. And this provided a whole host of them, with new experiences and fond memories. Hopefully you will see the pictures around, I’m told they are being used for Puppy Pride in various different manors so will be interesting to see the end results of them.

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