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Published On Sunday, December 20, 2015
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Hi All,

I just want to share my happiness today, because today I was adopted and now I have a handler.

Father Christmas visited early and brought me a handler as a present (pup dreams can come true). So today I am super excited as adamuk91 decided to take me on as his pup and I have accepted him as my handler.

It got off to a rocky start where the Christmas Tree attacked me and then decided to feign a swoon on the floor and so I got in trouble for knocking it over (grrrr) and puppy was quickly punished for it. Otherwise I have been trying to be a "Good Boy" and I have been told I have been once or twice, but I as still learning.

I get to sleep in a bed and I have a crate for if I need to be punished or calmed down (which I think might happen a lot). Puppy is sooo excited.

I am looking forward to many adventures with Sir and I hope to share some in the future.

Off to wait by the front door now, Sir will be home soon (I hope).

-- PJ --

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