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Published On Sunday, November 29, 2015
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Set 8 is done I think it is time to close set 8 even there are still some unpublished pictures. Every set have some of that. They are photos I´m not absolutely satisfied with, so they lay around on my computer. Maybe I upload some of them later here and there or use them for design, website buttons or something else. A week after we have the shooting for set 8 we was outside in the forest and took some more pictures. It wasnt really a new set. Pony just wanted to go outside and play, but we had the camera with us. So there will be some more outside photos after set 8, but they look a little different or lets say more... hmmm dreamy? Whatever. It was raining and cold :D

What comes next ? After the video (and the outtakes video of course ^^)we have made plans and ideas for 3 new sets. I think you will like the ideas but on one of that ideas I am not sure we can make it this year. We will see.

Different stuff on different websites Yes we have different kinds of content on different websites. This week we have uploaded gif-animations on tumblr because it´s a great website to do that. Really, deviantArt is not the place for that gif-animations and or videos. So if you wanna see more take a look at all the other websites we upload stuff ^^ You will find the links at the end of this post.

Do you look at the Scraps ? Sometimes I upload content to the scrapbook. It is stuff that is not really of the quality or content-type I want to upload in the main gallery. So take a look :meow:

Answering some questions Here are the answers to the questions that some of you made.

Q: Do you have a tumblr-blog ? A: Yes.

Q: You answer every mail ? I was afraid to write a message to you. A: Normaly yes. I always take the time to answer every serious question, and there is no need to be afraid :D I´m just a pony and I usualy don´t bite... much... ^_^

Q: I want a special picture. Would you make it ? A: Well we don´t make such comissions or trades, but if you have a nice idea or wish let me hear, and we will see if we can make it.

Q: Would you make a FAQ about Petplay/Ponyplay public ? I wanna see what petplay means to you. A: I was thinking about it. Maybe I write one in december when I have time for it. But there are many good FAQs about the topic out in the web. Just keep up looking for it. This one here is nice

Q: Do you have an account on a petplay-community ? A: Yes, on some different. But I prefer Your title here...

Q: What eat the pony while playing ? A: Apple slices, carrots, here and there a sugar cube. But what I really love are oat flakes with a little bit milk and apple.

Wohoooooo, I almost forgot... The promised links :D

My official website Google+ Tumblr FurAffinity Wordpress AboutMe Twitter WeHeartIt Pinterest

I think that´s all. If you find me somewhere else, please tell me :D LOL

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