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Published On Wednesday, November 25, 2015
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Thank you so much for 1 year of Joy !

On November the 24. In 2014 we have uploaded the first picture. At the time it was only on Facebook and it was just a little funny idea to take some pictures while making Ponyplay. But only a few hours after sharing the pictures we got a wave of likes, comments and shares. So much people wrote nice comments and wanted more pictures and sent mails with ideas and some wishes.

So we´ve made another set of pictures. But somehow it was not really what I wanted. We decided to give it another try with a little more experience from the set before where so many things doesn’t fit. And the feedback was much better than it was for the first set. That was the moment where only one thing was in my head. “Let´s make it a little better!” This sentence was from now on always in my mind when we´ve made a new set. We always tried to improve ourself, and had good critiques from many different friends and fans.

I think the sets are gone better and better every time. We still learning, and want to have fun at first. But beside that we have made 8 sets, some specials and at least a video. I´m proud of what we have done and look forward to many new sets, stuff, ideas and of course many new friends, comments, shares and follower ^_^ I have to make some special thanks to some really special people that bring this little project forward and did much for us. That big and tight huggles go to Peppi, M, Rain, Kadz, Zach, Michael, Russian PonyPlay and the RMP-Crew. I´m really thankful to all people, but those guys deserves really really tight hugs for all they did. ^^

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