Ten reasons why it's awesome to be a puppy!

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Published On Tuesday, November 24, 2015
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1) A dog is a man’s best friend. I mean, come on, who doesn’t like a cute puppy? We have a playful attitude, we can be mischievous at times, we’re pettable and warm company… Be aware that it may take time for your handler to get over the initial awkwardness of having you around on all fours and to accept your puppy persona, but once the interaction is there, you’ll be loved in a unique way and get all the attention a puppy so desperately craves.

2) No words needed When you’re being a pup, you don’t have to worry about social awkwardness or having to keep up a conversation. If you like something, you bark, wag your butt and get all excited. If you dislike something, growl, whine or walk away. You can tilt your head for confusion, pounce and wrestle for playfulness, sit pretty and use your puppy eyes for begging etc. It can feel odd to bark, but you don’t have to! Body language is your way of communicating. It’s that simple and really fun! ^^

3) Let it gooo Everyone has times they find their life stressful, worrying about money, work, college, social life or whatever. It’s moments like these that you should let things go and let your inner dog take over. Squeaky toys, food, scratches, playing fetch, naps, attention and squirrels are everything you’ll need to worry about when your in pup mode. Have you any idea how realxing it is to lay at your owner’s feet or to have a little beauty nap on a puppy bed? We all need a break sometimes.

4) Pretty puppy Even though additional gear is not necessary to be a pup, I find there’s nothing cuter than a nicely geared up pup, no matter what gender or body type. A harness, collar, dog tail and/or puppy hood are the usual basics, but also leather, rubber suits, lycra wear, leashes, cuffs, bandanas, footwear, jockstraps and much more can be added… All kinds of combinations are possible to make you the most stylish, handsome pup in town. Make sure to bark at that handsome pup in the mirror! ^^

5) Self-exploration As a pup, you’ll be able to discover and form your own identity. Every pup is different. Not only gear-wise (like using certain colours or gear combinations) but also personality wise! Are you a cuddly puppy or kinda bitey and playful? A you beta or more alpha? Are you verrrry naughty or perfectly obedient? Are you a bouncing energetic pup or more laid back? etc. Some even decide to link these characteristics to a certain breed. Take some time in exploring what your unique puppy persona is like. Maybe it’s totally different than your human self!

6) You’re not alone! More and more people are getting interested in pup play, leading to more online communities on different social media. This is great, as I’ve found everyone incredibly supportive and helpful, no exceptions. Pup play on your own can be hard to do. It gets way more interesting when you’re able to share your experiences with others and getting inspired by other pup’s adventures. There are loads of options to get involved and make friends, both locally as globally. Twitter, Tumblr, Fetlife and multiple forums or message boards for example.

7) Kinky and vanilla in one. It’s pretty damn kinky to be collared, to be walked on a leash, to eat from a bowl or to walk around on all fours. In pup play, these actions are not meant to be humiliating at all, making it easier for kink-beginners to get involved. Even though there’s a big part of submissiveness involved in an owner/pup role-play, it’s not per say considered foreplay or aimed to be arousing like many other kinks. Inside the world of BDSM, I feel pup play is satisfying in a very different way than any other kink I’ve ever tried, whether your approach is very kinky or relatively vanilla.

8) What about sex? Well. No for me, as I find it sex conflicting with my headspace, but yes for others. Some like to do all kinds of other stuff when in their pup head space, including sex, (obviously doggy style position preferred XD). Some like to emphasize the submissiveness in a play by adding bondage, spankings, watersports, humiliation, orgasm control, exhibitionism, diapers and… well, basically any other kink you can think of. To each their own, again it’s all about individual preferences. Some pups prefer the sexual approach and others prefer to get petted and taken care of on a more platonic level. If you wanna chase all the puppy butts and/or puppy dicks, go fetch it! If not, then that’s just as fine.

9) Losing control What’s very appealing to me as a pup is the fact I’m not expected to be the one in control, which on its own is very relaxing and soothing. For example being ordered to sleep on the floor, having to eat from a bowl, being corrected for chewing shoes, having to perform tricks for treats, being leashed to the radiator or being put in a cage for a time out… It’s that interaction with a handler/owner/Sir/Sominant that makes pup play extra fun for me. I’m aware not everyone is in the position where they have an owner to play with, but in general, being a pup is the perfect mix of obedience, submissiveness and innocent mischief.

10) Confidence boost Let’s make the last one the most important one: When you’re being a pup, you can be proud of yourself, no matter what. You know why? Because you dare to open up a side of yourself nobody gets to see. It takes courage to get on your knees and to show yourself so vulnerable. You are strong enough to neglect the risk of people making fun of you and you deliberately choose to step outside society’s comfort zone. That is admirable, bravo! Plus, there’s the warm welcome by a supportive community, the ‘good boy’-praisings, the earning treats for your efforts, all the attention from a loving owner, the positivity around pups et cetera. You know, in the end the whole puppy role play is based on making you feel good, hopefully giving you a better self image and a big confidence boost along the way!

So, this was my top 10. I’m sure y’all can come up with more points, so feel free to add your ideas. Spread the word, pups are awesome! ^^

-xx- Nobley

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