Coming out as a pup to everyone

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Published On Wednesday, November 18, 2015
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What an amazing weekend it's been, I have met the most amazing inspirational people I have ever seen in my whole life.

I was very hesitant about attending Sexpo as I had never "Pupped out" before. I had witnessed pups, and had met my owners who are also still new to the pup scene, but we didn't really get into any sort of head space or anything. I am a very insecure person so I also felt I was too old and too ugly to be a pup :( This is 100% not the case and realised that beauty comes from the pup within!!!

After attending Sexpo and throwing myself in at the deep end, I have realised that Pup play for me is 99% head space. It's all about becoming the pup that has been hidden inside for so long and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!

My parents picked me up from the Event and I eventually ended up having a conversation with them about it and "Coming out to them as a Pup", I explained what it meant to me and how happy it made me and they took it really well.

Yesterday I had a meeting with my manager and she asked me what I was doing all weekend, so I explained to her what pup play was and she took it really well. I showed her the pics and she was really intrigued.

Then this evening I wore my PuppyPride T-shirt out to my local social circle and people were asking what it meant, so I decided that I would be brave and come out to all my friends as well and explain to them what it means to me. I showed them the pictures of me and explained how it made me feel and was greeted with nothing but positive responses.

I am so much happier when Im in my Pup Headspace and feel like it has released something that has been hiding for so long. And I am so grateful of the response I have received.

I can't wait to find out what the future brings and I hope this gives piece of mind to you all that not all the world is bad and judgemental.



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