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Published On Tuesday, November 17, 2015
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I'm still very excited and wagging about it all, so this might appear a bit random with thoughts. I just wanted to write something while I still was feeling that energy. Deep breath, here we go :)

Over the weekend, as I’m sure you’ve seen from the multitude of pictures posted, Sexpo UK occurred. This event was a mix of all things, from leather whips to porcelain teacups, and porn stars to pricasso the penis painter. PuppyPride also had a stall there with the aim of promoting pet play and advertising the website. With a pack of pups and a few handlers trying to keep them under control, we left our mark on the exposition (not in a naughty way, we didn’t pee on anything… that much).

Over the course of 3 days, working each day 7hours to 11hours at a time, there was so much that happened. It was the first time I’d pupped out for that long, and despite it being one of the most exhausting activities I have performed (and I’ve skied up a mountain for 4 hours :P) it was fun every minute. Being able to truly put yourself in that zone for a substantial time was amazing. Furthermore being in a group of pups and getting to play as such just enhanced the whole thing. I’m truly grateful to all the other pups that made it so much fun. It added so much being able to socially interact like that and form the start of what I hope is some great friendships.

With this event being targeted towards the general populous, it wasn’t a kink event. Sure there were cuffs, gags, electro, etc. but it certainly was not something like IMF. We were one of the more unusual performers, and that felt quite special. It was interesting to see everyone’s reaction, there was a quite a range. It was amazing every time someone came up and was blown away by the idea of puppy play. Having “normal” people turn up, play fetch then give you a treat and some pettings was slightly surreal, but one of the best feelings and something I hope never to forget. There I felt like a true pup and there I felt truly happy.

My favourite part though was the walkies. When one of the handlers, such as Kye, clipped our leashes onto the collar and tugged us away from the booth it was going to be an adventure. Crawling around a large room such as a convention floor is quite a chore. Avoiding the feet of people, random activities and booths made it even harder. But it was definitely worth it. Just a few pads away and we’d get stopped at the next booth. People would be asking for photos with us, holding their product, standing next to their sign, having us do tricks for them, letting them hold our leashes and posing for photos. It was like being a celebrity. I mean we even got asked to have photos taken with porn stars :P Not everyday you get to say a porn star asked if they could pose in a pic with me hehe.

It was also pretty cool to find all these pictures and videos up on social media. Seeing again peoples reactions and how they want to express them online. Again the range was really cool to see, people posting and linking us saying how great it was to see but also people who randomly saw us and took a video saying “Look how crazy this is” was equally as fun.

I am so elated by the weekend, still looking back in fondness. With some of the friendships formed and connections made hopefully this will extend for a much longer time. I can hardly express how nice it was and how awesome the experience was. I really hope that something similar happens in the future and gives me hope that more will come.

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