What Breed am I?

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Published On Monday, November 9, 2015
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The breed of pup I am, i think would be a Russell Terrier. Not a Jack Russell because they are larger, Russell Terriers are shorter and more petit. They are tiny mischievous creatures with a big heart. They rely on a high level of exercise and stimulation and need lots and lots of attention.

Russell Terriers are hunting dogs but they are only out to seek new friends, when they have found what they are hunting, they try and befriend the creature and give it gentle nips and lots of licks and sniffs.

They are an excitable breed, but when they get bored, they tend to cause mischief, for instance nipping at things or ripping up pieces of paper or teddies.

The most famous Russell terrier was on the logo for HMV, as I am very musically orientated I can only say this is very appropriate for me.

A Russell terrier is also the first and only dog to travel to both the North and the south Poles, which is unlikely to ever happen again as all dogs have been banned from Antarctica. I am unique as a person and find this represents my uniqueness.

They are a brave and loyal breed and work very well with Children, this sums up the work that I do and the adventures I like to take in life.

Last of all, Russell terriers can be very lonely, and need constant attention, this is the main thing for me also as I need to feel like I meaningful to someone.

Hope this made for interesting reading :)


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