To fur or not to fur

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Published On Thursday, October 29, 2015
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Pups and furs

Last weekend I went to MCM comic con in London. There was a myriad of cosplays and interesting costumes but, of course, the ones that stuck out the most to me were the furs.

There were many different types of this. People wearing tails and ears (who probably don’t even count themselves as furries), onsies of umbreon, fur artist in the comic village etc. All this was very cool and making me a tad jealous of my plain clothes I was wearing. But this was intensified every now and then when a proper fur appeared, either in partial or full suit.

These really made me envious. To be dressed up in such awesome items and pad around a convention in public, being able to show off all the awesomeness. It led to a bit of an identity crisis.

I first became a pup when I was 13, having seen “stuff” on the Internet. A few years later, as I explored a bit more, I came across furries. The cross over naturally made me curious and suddenly I was a bright blue folf. I got really into the culture online for a year or so, getting lots of art and items. But as I started to explore the realm of reality, pup play came bounding back.

I’ve always been a pup at heart; so going out and exploring this side seemed to take president. Now that this has come along nicely I’m starting to think about other things and as such the return of furriness has crossed my mind. The social aspect and the ability to go out in public and interact, still being as silly as a pup but without the overhead of kink or fetish. I probably like both for similar reasons, furry just provides a different route and perhaps one that is easier to share.

I do things because they are me, so having to hide stuff always feels bad. However showing my rubber suit to flat mates will probably not end too well. On the other hand a fursuit can be shown off, with all the same benefits of having fun with it, just with quite a bit less of the detriments. Sure people might find it odd, but probably not as much as pup.

So here I am, trying to balance all this with normal life and thinking about stuff. I’m sure it’ll all work out, it’s obviously happened for others. Now just to find a suit maker, and the money to give them hehe.

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