Mission save the puppys halloween

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Published On Sunday, October 18, 2015
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Earth, once again it was that time of year when strange things happen .... all hallows eve. cookie slipping into her pumpkin coller getting ready to go to a party all excited for the treats, choccy bones and many more puppy treats. sitting nicely by her owners leg waiting to go how long ?? almost bouncing with excitment nearly unbareable her owner gets up and comes back with cookies lead clips it on its time to go, out the door the dim street lights barely light the way, puppys all out there owners in there costumes, walking down the path to the party tail wagging cookie looking foward to seeing all her puppy friends and to eat lots of treats the shadows dancing in the moonlight on the path, almost there just past the field behind the hedge is the party's location. the forest at the back of the feild looks scary so dark the fog interttwing through the trees like ghostly fingers suddenly a loud bang echoes through the night sky and a green light flys through the clouds falling deep into the wooods Cookie barks widly at the woods her owner oblivious of what cookie saw bends down hand pats her head "come on girl we will be late theres nothing there" nose twitching a new smell an unsual smell, but cookie obeys and carries on a niggling sensation still waving through her as they reach the gate the sound of puppys barking and music fills the air cookie runs in and come to a sudden halt.

puppys all round the room barking and whimpering " the treats they just gone, JUST GONE, JUST DISAPPEARD " cookie tilts her head in cofussion. she nudges one of the puppys and barks "what do u mean just disappeard how??" the puppy turns and barks back "the treats just started to glow with a green light and then poowf GONE" cookie looks down at the floor to think a few moments later she looks up and barks her loudest "i think i know where they are i will find the and SAVE HALLOWEEN". she shuffles across the floor past her owner and sneaks out, she runs as fast as she can out the gate, down the street and onto the field the grass so wet and cold on cookies paws she stop near the entrence of the woods the fog thicker and glowing with a green light, she will save halloween and runs into the woods barely able to see that strange smell getting stronger and stronger the deeper she goes into the woods a loud howling echoes through the trees send a chill down cookies back through to the tip of her tail ,she slowly moves through the growth being carful not to make a sound as she comes to a thick bush and recognizes a fimilar scent tainted with an unusal and fimilar oder.

cookie plucks up the courage to peer through the thick brush and her jaw drops as she sees the green glow eminating from a large food bowl shape vehical standing upon 3 legs she seen things like this before on her owners tv they call them UFO's as far she though it meant it was a Unusal food-shaped object oddly enough though nobody every eats them so surely she must be wrong, cookie gets the feeling someone is watching her , as she turns to look behind she comes face to face with a big pair of yellow glowing eyes this fills her with intense fear as she goes to back aways from these eyes they move foward in the the green glow backing cookie closer to the ufo and she is confrunted by the shocking apperance of a cybrog wolf , she cowers back her tail pushed up againt the cold metal of the ufo and the wolf lifts it head high and lets out a screaching howl cookie whimpers as 3 other cyborg wolfs close in.

cookie scared not knowing what to do, gets a sniff of treats it was the had taken all the puppys treats, out of fear cookies lets out the loudest most deafning bark she has ever musterd wich echoes across the sky which puts the wolf to a stand still , having never encounterd this species before cookie come up with a plan she grabs 3 treats that are wrapped in foil and slowly creeps foward and places them down infront of the wolfs, they stride foward and sniff the treats and begin to eat them cookie barks with laughter knowing that the foil on the treats will short out the circuits and as she looks up the cyborgs wolf begin to howl sparks shooting off them and they collapes and crawl to the ufo and it fly high into the sky she did she defeted the cyborgs wolves and saved the treats she sit tall and bark and BARKS AND BARKS like she never before all her puppy friends come running as they approch they lay down tails wagging and eat the treats.

Cookie did it she save halloween.

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