what petplay means to me

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Published On Friday, October 16, 2015
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Cookie that is what master calls me, still new to the petplay scence but loving the way it makes me feel. Pet play means alot to me personally i used to be very confident and have a large group of friends and but then last year in august i became disabled and that shook me to the core i lost all my confidence became shy and lost alot of my friend but since i discoverd my pup self and i slip on my coller and put my tail in that ditress and anxiety just flows away and Cookie is released free , to be the true me confident, happy, loving and i feel normal not a disable person anymore when my coller is put on and master walks me and trains me it covers me like a security blanket i no longer need to feel afraid or alone i sit a tall proud puppy knowing that i am still beautiful, when in pup space it takes me away from all the responsibiltys of being a mum, wife and a 24yr disabled woman i am free and alive again.

this is what petplay means to me

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