How Scruff Saved Halloween

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Published On Monday, October 12, 2015
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Halloween was just around the corner, and all the handlers were getting their pups costumes ready. Some were going dressed as a bone, some were going dressed in a blanket cape, and one was even going dressed as Katie Hopkins. They were all so excited their tales wagged furiously.

Scruff was walking up and down his pen at battersea waiting to hear the howls of happy pups when suddenly there was a yelp, another pup had been thrown into the cage next door to scruff. This was strange as Scruff hadn't seen another pup be caged since christmas last year.

"Aroo" Scruff said.

The other pup was silent and shaking in the corner. Scruff could see he was scared and didn't want to scare him any more so he went and laid down on his blanket. Suddenly there were more and more yelps and crashes as more and more pups were being thrown into cages. Scruff jumped up and looked around. He couldn't believe his eyes. There must have been 40 or 50 other pups but scruff could only count to 4 because he didn't have enough paws. Scruff was excited but knew that there was something wrong.

Suddenly he caught one of the pups jumping up at the window, he could just make out the tag said PupRory.

"Aroo Rory" - Scruff Said "Woof" - Rory Replied" "What's happened?" asked scruff

Rory explained that there was a horrible man going around to all the pups houses and stealing all the pups to lock them away. He was enticing them out the house with treats and then snatching them and bringing them to battersea. Scruff knew he had to team up with Rory and do something.

"Rory, the last pup that was in your cage managed to slip out some how, sniff around and see if you can find out how"

Rory sniffed around and pushed on the bars. He couldn't find anything. Suddenly he picked up a strange smell coming from the bed in the corner. He went over to investigate. When he put his paw on the blanket he could feel a hole underneath. The previous pup had dug a hole out of the cage! Rory followed the passage which took him to the courtyard. He knew he had to get back into the building and save all the other pups. He heard Scruff howling so followed the direction and ended up outside of the Window. Rory started digging a new hole into Scruffs cage. While he was doing this Scruff was digging his own hole from the cage underneath the bars to get into the main area of the building.

Success! Scruff and Rory ran around opening all the cages directing all the other pups to the escape route. Once all the pups were out Scruff ran back to his cage and climbed under the bars but his paw got stuck in the bars.

There was an almighty crash and the main door opened. The horrible man was standing there looking very angry. He stormed over to Scruffs cage and ripped open the door. Scruff backed up and growled. The man lurched towards Scruff and grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and marched him out of the centre and into his van. Scruff was shaking but knew he had to be strong and find a way out. The van came to an abrupt halt. Scruff closed his eyes and put his paws over them as he was dragged into a house. After a minute or so he lifted up one paw and sat in the middle of the room was the horrible man sitting on a chair. Surrounding him on the walls were hundred's of newspaper clippings with headlines like "Homeless are a disgrace" and there were also pictures of the horrible man living on the streets and next to him, wrapped up in a blanket was a baby pup. Scruff didn't recognise the pup but could tell that he was owned by the angry man.

Scruff started to approach the man with his head down and tail in between his legs. He was very scared but got up on his hind legs and begged the man. The man looked up at Scuff and started to cry. Scruff turned his head to the side in confusion and watched as the man cried his eyes out. Scruff approached the man further and licked him on the face.

The man looked up and said "Welcome Back Scruff, iv missed you"...

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