Ode to Squeaky

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Published On Thursday, October 8, 2015
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I’m pupping out in my room, sniffing around, when I spy with my eye, something yellow and round. I jump right at the thing and bark really loud, but it doesn’t talk back, nor it seems impressed by my shout. Again I exclaim one mighty wild roar, before hitting the ball, right against the door. I bark and I wag, at the bouncing around toy, until it hits my nose and it’s done with the joy. Under the bed the evil thing rolls, as I yelp and whine and rub my sore nose.

Then the door opens and my owner comes in to see how naughty his pup’s been. Sir gets on all ll fours, and laughs out loud as he reaches under the bed to take the ball out. ‘You were hunting this thing, my sweet little Jay? You are supposed to fetch this when I throw it away!’ I tilt my head at Sir’s human talk, as he takes out the leash to go for a walk. In his left hand my leash and in his right that stupid ball that hurt my nose from bouncing off the wall. Yet I’m wagging for walkies, as happy a pup can be, dragging Sir along, there’s no stopping me!

As we arrive at the park Sir unclips my lead and orders me to sit right at his feet. Obeying his orders I sit and watch close, how Sir takes the ball out, in front of my nose. To get my interest in that evil toy growing, Sir keeps pretending he’s actually throwing. Seeing my owner acting so silly in the park, makes that I can't conceal a snickering bark.

Just when I’m about to jump at the ball in his hand, there’s a sound my mind just can’t comprehend. I see my owner’s big smile from cheek to cheek when I realise that evil ball could actually squeek! He squeezes and squeezes which drives me insane. Oooooh gimme that ball! I’m up for this game! I beg, I jump, I bark and I whine, because a toy that squeaks that HAS to be mine! Pushing Sir over, I keep nuzzling his neck, trying my best to win that bouncy ball back. But instead of giving, Sir throws it away and shouts as I run: ‘Go fetch it Jay!’

After an hour in the park you won’t believe, how often I ran my ass off to retrieve! The ball squeeks in my mouth, as I sit and wag, panting from exhaustion at my Sir’s leg. ‘Well done Jay, you’re my good boy! … it seems like my pup’s found a new favourite toy!

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