Pet Play and the Public

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Published On Saturday, September 19, 2015
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We had made two photosessions outdoors, and although it looks like we were alone, we wasnt. The fifth set we have made in a forst near to my house. We found a nice place near the parking where the light was perfect, and the ground between the pines was green, but it was directly beside the main path. People was watching while put on the outfit, prepare the equipment, and while the shooting. But it was different than I thought. Nobody said bad things or was laughing. Everyone, young and old, seem interested. Some of them took a break and were watching us or taking out their phones and making photos. So that day ran different and positive. It was so cold outside. Only 6° C and my whole body was shaking. So I was wearing my long black coat between changing the positions. And together with my long ears it must be a funny view, because a little kid was calling "Dad look. Batman!" That was the funniest moment. And altough it was that cold, it was worth it.

The set 8 we´ve made just a week ago on a connection road between my place and the city. It is a small road with only one lane, and you have to drive slow. We´ve made the photos on the meadows, the micefields, and some of the road of course. We simply took the pictures when the road was clear, but sometimes cars came, and they have waited until we were done. I thought they were honk or something else, but they were nice and patient. So we could make a good work I think. I´m glad to live here, where are so many tolerant people.

Conclusion: I think we pets have a place out there too. And it is the best way to go out and see what happen. I´m sure you will be surprised how the people react on you. Of course there will be some people that... I don´t know... maybe saying bad things. But who cares about one or two idiots. I promise the most people will be interested, impressed and will smile at you. And how knows; maybe someday someone will stroke your head or give you a sugar cube ^.-

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