Ode To Frisbee

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Published On Tuesday, September 15, 2015
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An early start, a brand new day. The master wakes his pup to play. A merry run into the park, a little wag, a happy bark!

From masters bag, deep inside. Puppy sniffs "what does he hide?" In his hand plunges and quick is pulled out, the bright blue Frisbee pup can't live without.

Then master does throw it, and far it does fly. So puppy gives chase to that disc in the sky. The Frisbee falls, the puppy jumps. He catches it landing on his rump.

The happy pup rolls over and round, but soon he hears his master’s sound. Puppy runs back, and drops Frisbee at feet. Master rubs pups head gently and laughs at the feat.

After throwing some more late into the day, master goes to pack Frisbee away. But puppy won't drop it nor will he bark why, for puppy does love his blue disc in the sky.

But puppy needs bath time, and master needs sleep, so master let's puppy keep Frisbee all week. Into his basket the Frisbee does go, and puppy dreams deeply of Frisbee in the snow.

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