Pup's big day out!

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Published On Tuesday, September 15, 2015
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Rubber shorts on. Rubber top on. Next the harness. Don my Rubber arm bands. My new Rubber shoes. All of these are black and blue, my colours. Even my hair matches. Lastly my hood, blue tongue.

Scout's got the body.

Having never appeared in at a public event as a puppy I find myself pondering what I'm doing, why I'm doing it, and lastly how I'm going to do it. How am I going to be able to attend Infest, a festival in the middle of Bradford (UK), dressed in full rubber, not being able to speak, with a crowd of unsuspecting festival goers? Luckily the goth scene is very open minded as a whole and although I may be the first puppy at Infest the festival attendants may have encountered them before. I look at myself in the mirror and see Scout staring back at me. I forget my worries.

Scout has the mind.

Look around. No one is here. Where is everyone? Treats on the table!

I grab the treats and use my still dexterous fingers to open the packet and eat them. Silly humans leaving things out for pups to get.

No more treats. Where did they go? Where is everyone? Must find them!

I run out of my room and down the stairs to find what I have been looking for. The two people who have agreed to be my handlers for the day as the man I call Sir is at home. Instead I have Two people to look out for/look after me. To protect me from the big nasties and to play with me. Help me find my way and stay safe.

Excitement. There they are! I need give them affection. Their faces are dry. That can't be good.

I bound towards them and jump up at them. Lick their faces and nuzzle into them. I'm so happy to see them and want them to know it. I look around and see my favourite toy and take it to my female handler. I want to say to her 'this is my favourite toy, and I want to share it to you' but she never seems to understand. Just throws it away. Every time I bring it back she gets excited but then throws it away again. I don't quite no why. I tell her anyway.


My excitement and adrenalin results in my wagging my bum and tail. I have never managed to see my tail, but I still know it's there. She gives me pats and nuzzles me, tells me I'm cute. I feel great. I turn to my other handler, a man. I recognise him as another person who means treats, fun, comfort and safety. I bound up to him too and wag. He is also happy to see me. He beckons me to sit with him and I follow. Both my handlers take my paws and put them in a soft material, then then wrap them up and bind them with a shinny tape.

Mitts on

Lastly the lady ties a blue shinny bandana around my neck. The man puts goggles around my head. They both add a knee pad each, and stand back to look at and admire me. I am ready.


I jump into the ball pool. So excited by all the colours and try to sniff out my favourite. The lady calls my name and is holding my blue bone pillow. It has 6 black bits on but I don't know what they mean. It's not as soft with the black bits on. They are in funny shapes too: S C O U T ! . I jump out the ball pit and run to get my pillow. It's so soft and warm. The lady and man then move away from me and the lady pats her thigh... I don't know where they're going but I want to be with them. So I follow.

Door. Can't open. It's open! Run outside. It's cold. Look at that. I should climb on it.

I climb up and I can see my handlers better from up here. They must be so proud of me for getting up here. They don't look happy. The lady is loud. I don't like that. She points to her feet. Maybe I should see what's down there. I climb down and she walks away. I follow confused. The man starts to scratch behind my ears. I enjoy this. It feels amazing. I lick his hand to show my affection. They carry on walking to a building and I go Inside.

LOUD! What's going on? Lights. Sounds. Sofa. Sit.

'DOWN!' shouts a lady I have never met. This sofa must be hers. Sir has always let me sit on the sofa and my handlers have said nothing. Why is she angry. What have I done? I sit on the floor and drop my ears. She points to the floor. I follow her finger and lay down under the table. It's very hot. Lots of people's feet I have never seen are around and if I'm careful I can see their faces. Finally I recognise the man and run to hide between his legs. He will protect me. He's struggling to stand. I will have to hold him up with my body. Why can't he stand still? I try to help him more and he tells me to stay still.

Sit. Stay. Safe. Dry tongue. He has water. Beg.

I am given something to put in my mouth and it lets me lap the water up. That's better. I feel ok. I wonder what's in the other room. I don't want to go to the loud room. I run off to explore and when I look back the man has followed me. He's a good human. Outside is hot and the sun on my skin is uncomfortable. There there are loads of people there. Hopefully they will play with me. One goes to talk to the man who tells him I'm a puppy and like doing puppy things. They look at me and tickle my chin.

Startled. New smell. Scratches feel Good. This person is Good. I Should get closer. Why are they leaving?

People come and go. Some talk to the man then give me attention. Some haven't seemed to notice me but I can see them. So I put my paws on them. Some tell me so sit and I do. Some turn away again. One person gives me belly rubs! The lady appears. I am so happy to see her and pounce on her. She's happy to see me too. I paw at her wanting to give her attention when I hear it. Squeak.

The noise. MY TOY. She has it! It's here. Where is it. I want it. MY TOY IS HERE.

The lady walks to the field and I follow her. She has my toy, she has my toy, she has my toy! She picks it out of her pocket and shows it to me. I want it so jump at her. She holds it back from me. I'm so excited I can't keep control of my wagging. I need it I need it I need it.

Toy. Where's it gone? In her hand still. And again it's gone. No it's in her hand. Gone. Not in her hands. THERE IT IS!

I run across the field to get it. There are humans on the field watching me. They all look very happy. I'm happy too. We are all happy together. I pick the toy up in my mouth. They all look very impressed with me and laugh. I should tell the lady. She's pointing at her feet. I bound back to show her I got my toy. She gives me attention. I can do this all day.

Where's she going. I will go too. New person. New smell. OUCH. She hit my bum. Why?

My person gets angry, I have been a good pup and didn't need punishment. The pain goes. I look at her and she is talking to the new person. They seem confused. It looks like they know each other. Something changes in the new person, like they have learnt a new trick. They then slowly come to me and give me pets. I look at the lady and she is calm. So I am calm. I enjoy the pets. I know that person. I bound up to them and they see me. They seem to know me but use a name that isn't mine. It confuses me. The man is there and he speaks to them. The humans chat and then I get pets again. I like pets.

Hot. Need shade. Need drink. Over there. Still hot. BALL PIT.

That's right, that was cold there. But it's too far to go on my own. What if something happens. What if I need help? I look at my handlers and I raise my paws to my chest. Sometimes I get what I want when I do that. They point at a cup of water. I drink. That's not what I want though. That trick doesn't always work first time. So I raise my paws to my chest and try again. They point far away towards where I want to go and I bound off confidently.

Run. Are they following. Yes. Run. Humans! Stop for Pets. Attention achieved. Move on

Almost back and greeted by two very friendly people. They look so happy, which makes me so happy. One tells me to sit. I want to make him even more happy and show what a good pup I can be but the ground is gravel. What can I do. I don't want to make him sad. Need to be the best pup I can. I scout around the area and find a patch of grass to lay on. They both look delighted. A flood of excitement washes over me, the ground is wet against my rubber. They are coming closer, they look excited too, what am I going to get? Belly rubs? Treats? Scratches? I'm so excited. BELLY RUBS!!!!

That's my name. Look around. My handlers! Why are they leaving? They can't leave me. I should run.

Happy that I have healed I look back to the other people, they seem sad and wanted me to play more. My handlers are happy though. So I'm happy. Maybe I can sniff them out again. I have their scent. Maybe I can get a treat from them. Maybe I can show them my toys. Almost at the house again.

BALL POOL! Jump in. Where's my ball. That's my name. Find handlers. They are happy. I'm happy. Waggs. Excited. Happy.

The lady takes off my hood.

'Wow! That was so much fun.'

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