How I found my bark at London Pride 2015

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Published On Monday, September 14, 2015
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2015 was a big year for me, pretty much starting all over again; settling into a new college, new friends, finally being comfortable being gay, discovering my pup side, new relationship and becoming an adult, however so far I wouldn't ask for a better time so far, but through it all there have been slip ups and mistakes and concerns, and this is where my story starts.

Early summer I started to become disenchanted with the kink and pup community, falling out of love with what once gave me great happiness, disliking what I saw happening in the community, coming up to London Pride I wasn't even sure I knew who Link was anymore, becoming less interested and happy with everything, my pup boyfriend; Lynx and I thought we'd try one last time to find out pup-selves and try and regain what we both had lost, so heading down to London we had a lot of doubts surrounding the whole event, however the day of London Pride definitely changed my mind and made me fall back in love with the community.

Getting ready in the morning of London Pride, I was nervous never having been to a Pride event still finding myself uncomfortable being gay, let alone a pup and kinky, Lynx and I, along with the friends we were staying with all ready in our gear to head to the starting line for Pride March, walking through a small little high street in London I was incredibly nervous about the looks the 5 of us were going to get all rubbered and leathered up without any clothes to cover us, walking through we began getting more and more looks, and even though many parents tried to drag their children away as if it was something abhorrent and wrong to see many children were calling us superheroes wanting to dress up like us. All of that attention was nothing compared to what we got when we boarded the over ground train to reach the tubes, having dozens of people looking at us, trying to take photos, the nerves disappeared and I began to embrace the fact that this made me different and not one of the crowd, even if I was dripping sweat everywhere.

Finally reaching the March, I was so incredibly happy to see so many of my puppy friends I have known for months through Twitter or from the Pup Social was amazing, a huge family reunion, being given my Puppy Pride band which I still wear to this day and doesn't get taken off for anything. Throughout the walk, just being cheered on and applauded felt fantastic, and about a third of the way round, after some spectators began chanting "Who Let the Dogs Out" something clicked, being around so many pups and feeling proud and happy to be Link, I finally found my bark, and from then on I feel I have really found Link and haven't been happier. Falling into my pup space I began running up to the crowds for selfies, waving to children and adults alike and spent the whole walk barking to the point i had virtually lost my voice by the end of the walk.

At the end I couldn't stop smiling, and even had a nice family come up to me and a few other pups asking loads of questions about the pup community and what it's about, and their interest instead of disgust was a fantastic reaction to get, and had a good giggle when the mother's jaw dropped as I took my hood off telling me I shouldn't wear a hood LOL.

In the end, that trip really saved Link.

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