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Published On Sunday, September 13, 2015
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Friday saw the heaven circus event and, as you are probably aware, puppy pride had a petting zoo there. When first invited to take part in this I pounced on the opportunity however life isn’t so simple. Firstly this would be the first time my bf (Flint) would publically pup out. Secondly, a few weeks after the invite, my dad had decided to organise a family get together that weekend.

I explained the… importance that I was to attend this event, perhaps exaggerating some parts and omitting other. Finally we organised a solution, though it did involve me getting only 1:30hours sleep between pupping out and catching a train… yay. Leading up to the event we were still having worries about what it was going to be like for flint to pup out the first time, it seemed a bit of a baptism of fire.

Getting there early we “helped” set up and then went to Nandos with the other pups that turned up. 9 pups/pets/handlers in Nandos talking about what sort of tail butt plug they prefer was quite interesting, but very enjoyable. After eating everything out of my bowl (and a bit from others :P) we headed back to get ready. By the time the suits had come on, with all the extra gear, it was practically time to start. Flint had now found his grove, remembering how good the feeling of latex was. We’d become a pair of rubbery pups and it was pretty nice.

First was walkies, get the lay of the land and meet others. Attached to my bf via our leashes was quite a fun way to traverses the main floor and around the nooks and crannies of the venue. Flint also experienced his first public interaction: another performer on stilts, female, was at the entrance looking around as we were. As soon as she saw the pair of us she leaned down and exclaimed “aren’t you so cute!” to which we responded with happy wags and moving closer for pettings.

When the night actually started there was a lot of fun to be had. Playing with other pups that turned up, chasing other cats that turned up (and pouncing on a bunny that jumped away sky high), being petted and admired by humans that turned up. More walkies around, more nomming of treats and lots and lots of barking (including from the events actual k9 that got very confused to all the weird looking pups that don’t smell like dogs). There was even a bit of cage time for us as we rested.

Having pupped out in gear for 5 solid hours it was a great experience. It was even better because bf had experienced it with me and he actually came out having had a good time. Having not experienced any of it before he was naturally worried but once he got passed that he enjoyed all it had to offer. He especially noted the way people viewed you in that environment, thinking that they may be discussed or think it silly. Instead everyone was curious and smiling towards us, we got great attention, like the girl on stilts, and he began to understand why people like to go out like this.

This has just been a quickly written blog whilst the glow of enjoyment is still with me. I haven't been particularly in depth or anything but thought i should put something out, may be I'll ramble more later. Overall it was a brilliant night and thanks to all the pups that turned up who made it so. Specially thanks to Kye, who managed to organise it all and deal with my problems too (and provided noms and pettings).

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