New Poetry Competition and London Events

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Published On Friday, September 11, 2015
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New Writing Theme

As our first writing competition is almost over, we are introducing a poetry competition! Keep reading for details.

Everyone who enters a writing competition will receive a pair of wristbands or a retro dog tag, while stocks last! First prize for each theme will receive a big box of chocolates! We will also be awarding prizes to the runner up and some of our honourable mentions.

The current writing competition themes are:

An ideal day in the life of a pup (or other human pet) Fiction (or fact if you've had it already!) Tagged 'Ideal Day' ENDS TOMORROW - 11th September

Pet Play and the Public Fact - Talk about your experiences with pet play outside of a club or bedroom. Tagged 'Outdoors' Ends 25th September

Ode to a Toy Fiction - Write a poem about your favourite toy Tagged 'Ode' Bonus prize for the best one that rhymes! Ends 9th October

Once you've written your story, report or poem, just add it here with the correct tag to claim your entry gift and be in for the chance to win the chocolates. Good luck!

If you have any ideas for themes please email them to [email protected] or message "Admin" on the site.

Website Updates

New privacy options now apply to blogs and events. These can also be made public, allowing non-users to view them as well. You can't make photo albums public.

Minimum length of a blog reduced to 250 characters so that the poems don't have to be so long.

Chatrooms should now work properly for all users. We have updated our SSL certificate on the website, which should resolve the issues people were having with chatrooms.

As always, just email [email protected] if you find any bugs or have any suggestions.

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