Why don't I ever wear my hoods?

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Published On Sunday, January 24, 2021
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So, weird thing. I was so desperate to have puppy hoods I bought a Mr S Leather neoprene one over a year ago. At the tail end (no pun intended) of last year, I won a MistrBear pup muzzle/mask and a few other items for joining up to a puppy social media site.

I know what you are thinking....that is not weird. This is true. The weird thing is, I hardly wear them. Maybe it's because I want to keep them good for a few photo ops, I dunno. Maybe because I have no one else I know close by who is also into the whole natural puppy thing. Maybe it's because of lockdown. 

I love the whole ideology of human pups...and to be honest, I love looking at all you handsome pups on social media. I guess I just feel I am not in the same awesome league as many others out there.

Also, I hate the fact that when you import from outwith the UK, the Government loves their import tax fees.

I purchased the MistrBear WOOF cap to match the muzzle/mask...at the end of the day, including the cap, shipping and import tax, the snapback cap with ears cost me approximately £75....pupping out - not cheap lol.

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