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Published On Thursday, June 25, 2015
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The Puppy Pride website is back online, but looking completely different. We have a new logo, a new brand, and a new fully responsive website (which means you can now use on your phone and tablet!)

We have been working behind the scenes to make a lot of changes - which we will be detailing more in future newsletters and blog posts. Here is a brief overview of the changes for you:

Update Feed

We now have a live feed which shows you all the new content and interactions on as they happen. You can easily see when new blogs are written, images are uploaded, events are attended, and a lot more.

We've streamlined this as much as possible for your viewing convenience, and we hope it helps you find all the amazing things that happen.

User Profiles

We've quadrupled the amount of information that you can provide to people looking at your profile page. This includes your personal stats, your biggest fetishes, what you want from the site, and lots more.

We have also updated the users list so you can now filter by all the fields above, and see a lot more information on the page. Hopefully this will help you meet like-minded people and make fantastic connections.


The message icon at the top of the page automatically refreshes so you can easily see if you have a new message. If messaging someone, you will also see replies without having to refresh the page. This means you can have full conversations without any delay.


Pictures are now larger, letting you get a better look than before. It's still just as easy to find the latest pictures and the albums they are in. Be sure to comment and click the love button on pictures, to let people know what you think!

We've also simplified the uploading process - letting you add multiple pictures at once, even from your mobile.


You can now post statuses from the update feed, limited to 250 characters. They will appear in the update feed for people to read and comment on, and your latest status will appear at the top of your profile page.

Blogs & Events

Blogs and events are now both easier to manage, with the ability to add and edit them from on the main page.

You can filter them by keywords, dates, and location (for events). This should make it easier for you to find whatever it is you're looking for.

Try out the new Puppy Pride website now, on your computer, tablet or phone!

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