Hetero pup wondering how to talk to wife about pup play

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Published On Monday, November 25, 2019
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I have always kind of acted like a pup, how I cuddled with my wife, whimpers growls...... and of course i love scratches.  A year or so I got a hood after finding one on amazon, I ordered it with no thought.  I then ended up with a tail and have always been kinda kinky so I had the rest including catsuits.  I one day a little while ago said screw it and slipped on hood and tail and tried to introduce my pupsona.  Lets just say she was disgusted and alot was called into question and went through some time she lost all respect for me.  Cuddling with her or dog noises provoked comments like, your not a dog stop acting like one. We worked some things out and the hood is tolerated.  I even occasionally get some scratches.  I have tried to talk to her about the headspace and relationship aspect but i cant find the right words and she totally does not get it.  LOL I talked to her the other day and when I said I dont assume I turn into a dog biologicly her eyebrows raised way up like she thought i believe i magicly think i turn into a bio dog.  We have a good marriage and I want to explain to her I just want dog like affection in return for being her protector, alpha, soulmate and cuddly companion.  She thinks i want this 24/7 and to be honest just a good boy and scratches once or twice a day and let me pup out with her.  But trying to convince a person who has made up her mind.  I know shes trying but does anyone have any ideas to help me out.  I love her so much I just want to share this part of my life with her and not be scared the woman i love like nothing on earth thinks im a nut job...


I dont mean to come join this site and bitch and moan but i dont know what to do.  If anyone has been in this situation hit me up if anyone has succeeded you are a god.

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