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Published On Wednesday, November 20, 2019
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I think most people know how hard it is to start a small business. Wether it's a Media Platform, Webshop or Team, it can be a stressing process and give you a sense of despair. 

I started my webshop Pupstop Creations a year ago, and damn was I hyped. I've always wanted to be a creator. Someone who could provide products and content to a community I was actually interested in. Finding a name was the hardest. Stones and bones... Nah, sounds like a murder scene. Rocketpupshop I... I didnt like that. I put those drafts aside, and eagerly went to work on my first design. It took a lot of hours, effort and patience to sketch, illustrate and color. I wanted to appeal to everyone, making the first hood design in almost every color I could think of from the Mr-S website. Some days I procastinated to even color the rest of them, as I was afraid that no one was going to like them. Eventually I finished them and excitedly uploaded them, making sure to promote on my main account on Instagram. I did it multiple times throughout the year, making new designs, modifying the ones I uploaded to make sure it was up to my own standards, but honestly felt a little upset that nobody would even give it a chance. I tried with discount codes for public use and for friends, who were promising to help promote and support my shop to absolutely no luck. It brought my mental health down a lot, since I felt like a failure for not being able to produce something people liked. I felt like I was being very very naive for thinking that anyone would use their time, and hard earned money on something like this. It confused me a lot that so many people could make a stick figure or a quote / single word and earn hundreds, while nobody would even look at mine. It was like someone screamed in my face, that I wasn't good enough, though I knew I shouldn't have felt this bad for something like this. At the time a lot was going on though, but it was just a small thing in the back of my head that affected me as well.

It brings me to my current situation. It's been over a year now and I know it doesn't happen overnight, (Heck, one of my friends businesses are 5 years old and still haven't sold a thing) but I still can't help, but feel like I pour way too much love and effort into this for nothing. At times I feel like I'm bothering people by promoting the stuff I'm creating, but honestly money isn't exactly what I'm in it for. Sure, it is  nice, but I just want to see others wear something I care about a lot. Until that happens, I will keep creating things I enjoy and perhaps someone will enjoy it as well. I still wont give up, even though it's very tempting at times, but this is my way to provide something for the community. 

I really hope that some day my colorful designs will brighten someone's day and make them feel happy, cute and confident while wearing them. 

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