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Published On Wednesday, September 18, 2019
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Henlo fwens!!

My name is Mason. I am new to the pup play scene only being around three months into donning the hood. Which I now have multiple of from amazon and Mr S Leather San Francisco.

I’m pretty much using this site as I don’t know any other ways other than Instagram to “meet” other pups. By all means go follow me @Pup_Mason where I post photos and videos. I would also like to find out if there are any pups that are near to my location as I don’t know of any. So of course would really appreciate the help there by finding out if I have any local puppers. 

I’m also a creator on the App called TikTok (go check me out @pupmason) where I post all kinds of videos mostly SFW as there are users under 18 which may stumble upon my page. my channel is 100% pup friendly and I am part of the vast growing #tiktokpuppack. Which I owe a lot of thanks and appreciation to. By helping me now build up my confidence and help to recover from severe anxiety issues. Who knew that being a pup and slipping on the hood could help with so many anxiety issues like social anxieties, self worth, body confidence etc and also combat deep depression. 

I use pup play as a way of an escape from my mental health issues and to feel safe in meeting new friends. Which I’m yet to do as most are in the US and I’m a UK based pup. Also I’m new to the kink scene and am interested in partaking in many aspects of it. Basically I’m looking to experiment. But as far as I know. I am gay, 90% bottom. Also I’m more a submissive that would possibly dominate depending on mood, so an occasional switch. Also I have dabbled with light bondage/BDSM. but enough about that. 

I thank you whomever reads this blog. Please go easy on me as I’ve never done anything like this before but am greatful for all tips and take criticism as a way to better this form of expressing myself. 

Again. Thank you all and I look forward to maybe meeting you all one day. 

Arrrf arrrf 


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