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Published On Tuesday, August 27, 2019
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So it had been arranged to go up for Manchester Pride for months and months, before boyfriend decided you wanted a Pup in his life. We went up on the Friday and stayed until Monday... So having pack my case with far to much clothing, one can never trust the British Weather, it was brilliant sunshine and hot all weekend... so no need for jeans... just shorts... glad I pack 3 pairs of jeans then.. Pup hand to come up so he was packed, with a few wardrobe changes... not least my pink hood... side note my I thought I was being different with pink/white/black... but my god it seems baby pink and fluorescent colours were in for Pride... so many Hot Bums in Pink.. hehe

So I had noticed there would be a pre pride meet and pride day meet of Pups of the North, so without committing to do anything we had a possible meet and hello planned.. Friday evening down Canal street was busy, able to move around but busy, spotted a few pups said hello and chilled for a while to get feel for group and see if a interloper was welcome... side thought again... Bag checks entering village and venues is fun with hood and some pup gear... either seemed to see hood and not bother checking anything else or in case of 1 security check twice then be upset it was a plug tail...   so drinks more drinks and loud music brings Friday to an end. Having chatted to 1 local pup I felt I wanted to do pride day mostly in pup mode, master was happy for me to be myself and encouraged me... Saturday comes and I don’t feel brave enough to pup from hotel in Salford quays to the village so once in Manchester needed a quick pit stop in Starbucks for a drink and change.... god bless large disabled/unisex toilets... so while not yet in full pup mode or gear I am know in collar and pup koala standard attire.... we leave with drinks in hand and head to find a good spot to watch the parade, find a great spot where we can be right at the barriers and see and it wasn’t to crowded... was a dead end to pavement as building works were happening... My god the parade was big and long and the sun cooked my shoulders... but got to cheer and bark as the pups marched past and even had a hug from a parading pup as he passed.... could manage the heat to watch the last part of the parade so we entered the village to find cool liquid refreshment.... oh my god it was busy, boyfriend kept hold of my hand and I lead the way.... we went to the pup meet up and enjoyed the air conditioning while I got into my pup headspace more... I hooped a ball back to pups playing on the mats a few times and generally stayed on my lead by masters side..so after about an hour or 2 in the meet-up master wanted to go out a visit a few other venues (was meant to be a fetish market and displays/workshop) but didn’t seem to be much going on the 2 times we popped into it... Anyway going outside meant Koala Pup had to go out in the open (noise/people crowds ohh shit) I wasn’t changing again was hard enough getting knee pads on over shoes as it was and bag was nice and light without cuffs, pads and hood in it... so we get outside and the crowds have got bigger and more dense, master holds my hand to start and my lead is under my shirt down my back... hey the noise isn’t affecting me, but a sweaty tight gripped hand of master tells me he ain’t happy... we find a quiet ish spot and after getting bashed about a little in the crowds we take a breather and I suggest he keeps hold of my lead and I will guide him through the crowds... we head back into canal street and go find some drinks... I got maul once by some women, but a shake of my head and a quick bark had them ease of the petting. Koala can bark and woof when needed... it was such an intense feeling wandering around in hood and tail with master holding my lead, even when we got into the New Union and food a quiet moment and a ice cold alcoholic slushy, master still kept hold of my lead... before we ended our Saturday master had said he wanted to go on the round the world ride in sack villa street  car park so we went on that... Koala loved being up so high and spinning around, so much to see and the bass of the music didn’t reverberate through you body as much up here... my little feet were dancing away as we swung around... so exiting the village and going for tram back to hotel I slowly de pup, but end up leaving collar and knee pads on until we get to hotel... 

Sunday was none pup day and a bit of exploring Manchester before afternoon with some of masters friends in the village... we went into barpop for a few drinks and while standing near the entrance this group of 3 girls came in, 1 stood so close to me I embossed her boob... apologises and intros and her friend go to bar leaving her next to us... she says it’s her first pride and she is really nervous of crowds.... 2 minutes later she is panicking as she can’t see her friends... Master is silent... clearly he sees this girl as not his problem, but mine as I spoke to her... ok ok... here goes.... “the bar is busy, your friends know you are here, they will come back to you once served”... “look we a right next to a cool breeze from the fan” “we have space here to move around.. not too crowded” that works a bit but she wants fresh air and a smoke to calm her.... fucks sake... we aren’t in crowds in this bar... you don’t like crowds and you want to step into canal street to having a calming smoke urghhh... Good pup keep that an internal monologue... so I tell master to stay where he is I am going out with her to keep her safe.. master wants to come with... “NO, you need to stay so girls friends have reference point and can be told where she is once they come back with drinks” .... did I just tell master to stay.... so out we go security want us in the Main Street and crowds, I explain what happen and while they understand we have to move street side of barrier... so here I am with girl I don’t really know hold her hand and giving her a hug, making her face out of the crowds while she smokes and calms abit more... cut to approximately 5 minutes later she has calmed we walk into bar and just to the right of where we were originally her friends are dancing... mmmm great friends they didn’t miss her or ask master where she was... internal growling... so girl goes to friends thanks me... I turn look at master and snuggle into his shoulder for a hug... he isn’t amazingly happy but hey...

Is Koala becoming a Service Pup/Alpha or something.... guiding master in crowds, helping stray girls overcome panic attacks.... But I want to be the one being looked after, I want to be the one being cared for.... I want.... I want.... oh Koala sounds Bratty with all his wants...

So Koala Pup is finding his feet sorry Paws

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