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Published On Wednesday, August 21, 2019
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I've only been on this site a week and I am learning so much. Much of it should have been obvious, such as people identifying with specific breeds of pup, and not just the generalisation. Also other animals, which again, why hadnt I realised that before coming on here! Personally I think I can only identify as the standard pup, and only 40% because I do not know enough about other animals or breeds.

There have also been finer points that have come to the forefront of my mind. Such as how involved with the larger community I would want to be. As of this point all my experiences have been behind closed doors and windows with the curtains pulled. I can barely imagine the growth i'd require to step outside without a small strong group of other pups I already know too well. And at the moment I dont have anyone in my life ive met in person who would also say they are a pup. At least not to me.

A few weekends ago was Brighton pride. I lived in the city for a few years while studying and so I went along to spend the weekend. On the Saturday, after the parade my bf and I ended up on the beach near the outdoor cinema. Not far from us were a group of four guys, at least three of whom were pups. They were just playing together, taking pictures and enjoying themselves. I have never been so jealous in my life. I wish I had managed to get up the courage to try talking to them, to help me understand what it is I am going through while trying to forge my own pupsona, but I made the exuse that I would never want to interrupt instead.

If anyone who thinks they were a part of that group is on here, sorry if you saw ke creepily staring, I hadnt meant to.

Also to anyone, if you were playing, how would you react to someone interrupting and asking a ton of questions about being a pup? Should I have worked up the courage? (Probably a joke about being a cowardly dog in there somewhere.)

Thank you to the people who read, commented, messaged me ect after my last blog. It meant alot to me to get that support. The message seemed to be that, being a pup is a unique experience. The gear is nice, and helps with immersion, but it isnt essential, and my favourite line told to me, 'think pup'. Having never had or really spent time with dogs, especially puppies, I felt really confused by this originally, how was I supposed to know what that meant. But the way I think I am begining to interpret this is, be curious, be excited, be expressive, but dont force it. Just let the inner pup do it for you.

I imagine my understanding of this will grow and change as I continue to understand that inner pup. What makes them tick, what even is their name, do they even need a name. And maybe even one day, how do they interact with others.

Thank you for reading. Wags and woofs.

A very sleepy Pup (Z.)

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