Koala Does London Pup Out... Or Did He?

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Published On Monday, August 19, 2019
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So from being a indoor Pup and only being pup with Boyfriend, I decided to go along to London Pup Out this weekend and Drag Boyfriend along. Boyfriend said he was happy to try anything and see what it was all about. So background Boyfriend is older than me and hasn’t been to London much (June was his 1st times on tube or staying in London) so I have to guide and lead him out and about making sure he is OK... He is also somewhat shy... So day starts well train/underground and getting to Venues easy and I am relaxed as is Boyfriend... Grab coffees and a bit of a meet and intro before the event in coffee shop... What a friendly group Yay! Get into venue seem to be with a mixed group of newbies and regulars cool... so we all find a spot sit and relax chatting again and slowly get into any gear we brought... I change and get Boyfriend to put my cuffs on... all good and I start relaxing into my headspace... then hood goes on... ohhh this is new.... no longer in quiet house with minimal distractions.. puppy has music playing, people chatting, laughing, lights on dance floor etc... wow lots of senses being asked things... and my brain is trying to focus on the change in my hearing the hood creates... No no this is fine just take my time I will adjust... so sit in corner and got lots of cuddles and arms rubbed from Boyfriend, Watch what is going on a soak it up...  Good thing didn’t feel self conscious in my Pup Gear... bad thing tail wasn’t right choice... had to be attached to harness, as felt belt showtail (more belt) didn’t look right with outfit... tail attached to harness was wrong - and bloody uncomfortable.... would have been more comfortable with plug tail in... haha... Anyway we left corner and went up to the bar to get a drink... this is where things started going wrong... Boyfriend buys drinks comes back to where I was standing and then bar staff call him back over... he hasn’t paid or something... the only photo of me at the event is this exact moment I am sure of it....

My brain process switches back fully on... what happening.... Boyfriend isn’t person to walk away with out paying.... it contactless you just tap and it goes through... what they saying.... I moved over to him and see the bar staff say transaction void, turns out by the time I went to him at other end of bar they had 2 voided transactions and 3rd accepted... Boyfriend looks to me for support and says it went through each time... I ask bar staff for the voided transaction card receipts... I am full alert and protect mode... Damn Down Boy! Anyway Boyfriend now unsure he trusts venue and wants to have all my wallet/phone/watch etc in his pockets not in bag... Grrrrr.... we relax again and slowly go back to the corner seats... I can’t stop worrying if Boyfriend is happy or enjoying himself, so a feel myself not wanting to leave his side...I have moments of sitting on floor and kneeling on seat next to him, but not much actual pup play... 

Anyway as event progresses other come and go from where we are sat to eat or take 5 minutes... a short while before the dance of starts 1 of the event Marshall’s (blue vests) popped round asked if all was good and suggests I try the ball pit... We headed over and just took in the play and dancing... this is where again sensory overload really kicked in... music, chatter, laughing... and I could get 1 thing to focus in, as soon as I focused in on the music a voice would come through louder, or any other noise would appear clearer... I crouch at heel and tried to clear my head and focus... (pup waggles and yellow) play fetch with a plastic ball near the ball pit and that ting ting ting of a plastic ball came into focus... then it was back to chatter, my Boyfriend sensed something wasn’t right but I was being stubborn I was going to work through this.... Ginger Pup passed by twice on his way to and from the dance floor he Yapped as he passed all friendly, but that had me jump.... Shit I wasn’t working my way out of this sensory overload....

so by 4.30 Boyfriend has finally got me to de pup and we are out.... End of Pup Out for me, but not end of a really shit day of processing senses... London is busy.... Pup is managing noise once out.... but I am not managing people... Have you ever seen a video of a chat running away from water/bath it has fallen into.... ohhhh there I go... Boyfriend you better keep up... to be fair he can walk fast he needed too.... and I did have enough brain power to keep checking he was with me... but I was not stopping until I got to a quiet street... He wanted Soho and regulation/prowler etc... Actually there would good destinations as they are crowded normally... breathe pup breathe... Damn Home isn’t until 2100... cheap ticket mean that is train you have to get grrrrr.... so park behind London Eye (Jubilee Gardens) is actually a good quiet spot to rest for a few hours, and although full of people it isn’t crowded... Pup Breathe... by this time I have the mother of all back ache from a tension knot between my shoulder blades... ohh well just a matter of train home


1130 cup of tea in bed... It. May have not been the greatest of experiences, but I want to try again.... redesign public pup clothing... maybe cheat and have earphone in one ear to play music direct to brain to drown out extra sensory stuff... 


thankyou to everyone one that made me welcome, and all those that organised the event


So the question still is 

Can a Koala be a Puppy?

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