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Published On Wednesday, August 7, 2019
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Puppy Pride was created to help newcomers learn about the pup scene: what gear to buy, what events to go to, and how to be a pup. Our website features a Blog section for you to share your stories, thoughts and knowledge on all things pup!

As a thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences with other pups we're going to awarding our favorite blog each month with an adorable hand-crocheted plush fox, posted to anywhere in the world!

The first winning blog article must be published on here before the end of August. There is no limit to how many blogs you can publish

As always, everyone who writes a blog article, will also receive points that can be converted into vouchers for the Puppy Pride Store!

August Theme - Ended! - Winner TBA

The first blog contest theme is 'Help out new pups'. There's been some really good entries so far, but there's still time to upload yours! Whichever one we think will help out those new to the scene the most will win!

September Theme - Ends Monday 30th:

For our second contest we want to hear about the events you've been to. What you liked about them, what you didn't, If you'd recommend going there.

October Theme - Ends Monday 4th November

It's Halloween! So this month it's a picture contest! Best pup themed pumkin carving wins!  Just make sure it's in a public gallery!

Not only will the best review win one of the 6 plushies below, but we'll also send a box of goodies to the event as well filled with dog toys for pups to play with!


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