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Published On Sunday, July 21, 2019
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So my Boyfriend has on occasion suggesting getting a tail, or walking me round the house on a lead... (he blames me for getting him into cuffs and having me in a collar... But last weekend at Bournefree (Bournemouth Pride) he saw a Pup or 2 and I could see he was taken by the look. We spoke and here I am just over a week later on here and having  just spent my first full day as a pup

So we met up did some mundane tasks like food shopping and meal prep, before settling in for a Movie day at his. While he got the lounge sorted I went to get into my pup gear (i had some things for my own play). 

Cuffs, Collar, Chastity Cage, Tail and Hood all present and correct I decided to leave my chain lead on the bed for him to collect if he wanted.

His first reaction was a big smile and telling his pup to come here and give me a big hug, i had walked into the lounge not nowing how much up for the role play side he would be into. So we headed over to sofa and he indicated for me to sit next to him, to which i said no your pup is going to be on the floor by you today. So settled in on floor by his left side watching movie 1, he cant see to stop petting my head and rubbing my back continually giving me positive affirmation of "Good Pup", Who's and Good Pup"  etc is just settle in resting my head on his knees soaking all the attention up and letting my mind slow. Halfway through movie he gets up and says "Does my Pup want to be locked up", He was aware all my cuffs were lockable and so i stopped looked at my wrists and lifted them up to accept being locked into my cuffs. He was going to bend to lock my ankles cuffs but it felt natural for me to go on all four and lift a leg at a time onto the sofa for him to lock them.. He was clear that while he would unlock the cuffs and collar, I would not have access to the keys myself. This was the first time he has locked me into my cuffs and it wasnt unsettling at all. Movie one continues with me just be snuggly and him continually showing affection.

While he went to the bathroom before setting up Movie 2, he hadnt shown any sign of going to the bedroom to collect the lead, so as any good pup would do i quickly rsuhed to get it and was back by sofa head on cushion with lead chain in mouth for when he got back... He didnt notice at first so i moved my head so the chain would run over his hand a couple of times, this got his attention, but he just said "Is pup playing with his lead" a couple more slides across his hand and he did hold the lead and suddenly clicked saying "Does pup want me to put him on his lead?" I released the chain from my mother and dropped it into his hand and which point he connected it to my collar and gave a small tung so i felt the collar get pulled. he continued to keep a light tension on my lead throughout the movie. While holding the Lead he did state a couple of times how nice it would be to walk me round the house on the lead (But he didnt do it). What he did do was tell me to get up and over his lap, where he lightly spanked my bottom with the leather end of my lead, while we have talked about spanking before he has never done it until today... was very light and gentle but a nice twist.. while across his lap he found/felt the hard lup of my chastity cage... This brought him to asking if "puppy needs a lock on that?" to which I nodded quickly... I have only been in chastity once with my BF up until now and have never let anyone lock me in... but I felt so warm and comfortable in myself it was something i very much wanted to happen. so lock in place he gave me a big hug and had my lie my head on his chest for the rest of the movie.

At the start of Movie 3, he had me on all fours and rested my chain lead down my spine while he got us drinks and snacks... Damn I cant find the correct words to describe how controlling yet safe having a cold chain that you know is your lead lying down your spine is, but pup was very happy... i Should have thought about drinking before, i had to take hood off to get at my glass (Straws need to be pruchased) but once thurst quenched hood was back on and i rested my head on his legs again to watch movie, while he snacked on Frazzles (Corn bacon crisps) during the movie he fed me them 1 at a time through my hood (Plus points for BF/Master). Occasssionally when he patted my head or cuddle me he would squash my snout, which lead me to be proctectiv eover it and pulling back or placing a paw up round the front of my facing. while watching the movie i felt so relaxed and sleepy i had to lie down, so i curled up on the floor under his legs making my bf rest his legs on my hip/thigh, on seeing this he asked if i wanted a blanket or something softer under me (Plus point for master/ minus point for stubborn pup turning it down - carpet gets hard on knees after long time)

Unfortunately Pup time comes to and end with me needing to cook the evening meal, but while pup hood came off and Tail made way for me to sit and eat, being locked in cuffs stayed and evening once back in the lounge it still felt natural for me to position myself on the floor hugging his legs for most of the evening... He kept my cuffed adn locked overnight, with the only change being my collar came off and a safety precaution as during the day the padding moved a few times leading to metal buckle being next to skin. So next morning I get to be totally unlocked before work, and after a tea or 2 try and get my head into work mode.... from how slow and unenthusiastic i was at work I would say work mode wasnt successfully achieved.. Anyway I have rambled on enough, but this has helped me get my thoughts down in balck and white and process some feelings from the weekend..

Advice and Ideas for more slow build up and development of Pup and Master Welcome

Overall Verdict of First play - More Please!!



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