Finny the Puppy Boy - Chapter one

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Published On Friday, July 19, 2019
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So I wrote a thing,  I am working on a seocnd part and I'd love to get some feedback


Finny the Puppy Boy - Chapter one


I sat nervously on the train as it sped northwards through the countryside. I felt hugely out of place here, sitting in first class in tracksuit pants and T-shirt especially when compared to the rest of the carriages occupants  who were in suits or smart clothes. I sighed thinking of my own wardrobe at my parents place the dress shirts and chinos and everything else I had been forced to abandon. 


The reason for my journey was the other reason for my discomfort.  I had known I was gay since I was 13 and I’d had my first crush on a boy in my class with long hazel hair called Jimmy Hooper. Of course, I had also known that the best thing I could for my own survival was hide my sexuality and for the last ten years that is what I’d done. 


It had been easier when I was younger.  I had even had a couple of ‘girlfriends’ no one wanted us to do much more than hold hands and look soppily at each other at that age, but as  got older things got much more complex.


By the time I was 19, my dad was already pushing me to go get some pussy, not to have a girlfriend or a relationship but to just get laid.  He even offered to pay for me to go to a brothel when we were in Amsterdam for a football game. The thing was since I was 18 I’d been dating guys and fully living a closeted gay life.


It all came to a head then a few days ago I was still living with my parents and the worse thing happened a friend of my father saw me with some friends in a gay pub in soho. Of course this had gotten out of hand quickly and Dad, I mean my father and I, we’d ended up fighting actual proper hand to hand fighting. 


I’d lost.


I didn’t hang around for another beating after that and left as soon as he had stormed off to the pub. It was Casualty first to get patched up and then a friends sofa. I still had the black eye, though it had gone down a lot, and cuts on my cheek and lip, another reason to feel out of place in first class. I was still on my friends sofa trying to sort my life out when Carter had called. 


I had first met Carter in where else but soho. He had stood out from the normal crowd both physically and in manner of confidence as well carter was tall well over 6ft and for me who was barely 5 foot 5 he seemed huge but he also had a sense of presence that was as large as he was, he was well dressed in. Dark blue skinny jeans a white with blue pinstripe dress shirt  with the sleeves rolled up with military precision and a mustard coloured waistcoat. 


I felt drawn to him immeadately, now I was closeted but I knew what I liked I was in nearly every circumstance a subby bottom, and those jeans had a bulge in them that made me want to do all kinds of things. Carter though, was with friends so all I could do was watch from afar as they chatted and joked. 


This went on for longer than I’m going to admit to and as it turned out I wasn’t nearly as subtle as I thought I was.  The next time I went to the bar Carter slid in, next to me to order then as I was picking up my change his card was there. Of course by this point his friend had joined him and he explains how he would need an early night tomorrow.  I picked up the card and flicked it over and to my delight on the back was written ‘you’re cute dinner tomorrow? text me y or n’.


So of course I texted ‘y’


We had been an item if not a couple since then, he worked and lived in Newcastle for an accounting software company but visited London at least once a month for business and at his own cost if course a little pleasure.


He adored my subby side and loved controlling and guiding me, and he was generous to the point it was nearly embarrassing. But as he pointed out he could afford to be.


But perhaps the most important thing he did was introduce me to pup play. I had fallen so deeply in love with pup play and the headspace it had become a solid fixture of our last couple of weekends together.


Two days after leaving home Carter had just called to see how I was doing.  Of course when I told he was horrified at me being effectively homeless. Whilst I told him my tale of woe he had brought a train ticket for me to come up to Newcastle and stay with him for a few days. 


* * *


So here I was picking up my bag as the train crossed the Tyne into the curving victorian, iron and glass edifice of Newcastle train station.Carter was waiting for me on the platform by the steps to the foot bridge just where he said he’d be, he looked as trim and well groomed as ever and was idly playing with his phone but as soon as he saw me he tucked it away and stride a couple of step toward me grinning broadly.


“Finnley” he said, that’s me by the way Finnley Adams, “it’s great to see you” his smile slipped away “though I’m sorry that you’ve come up here...” he got that far before I hugged him tight getting a slight ooof as squeezed him. I thought for a moment I had gone to far and embarrassed him in public but then I felt his arms wrap around me and the tears came.


The pent up emotions of the last few days left me stunned drained and non communicative but being Carter made me feel safe he guided me through the station to the car park I don’t remember  getting in I don’t even Denver buckling my seat belt and it wasn’t until we had been driving for 15 minutes that I realised the car was silent


“You got your Tesla!” I said excitedly


“Yeah a couple of days ago how do you like it Finny” I blushed a little at Carter's pet name for me.


“It’s really nice” I looked out of the windows as the city silently slipped by “Where are we?”


“On the coast road, well it’s the road to the coast. I live in Tynemouth we’ll be there soon”  he smiled and pressed a button the car chimed and then he turned to me as the autopilot took control.  “How are you doing Finny? You seemed really upset back there”


“Yeah it was...” I paused thinking “I think I just realised what happened.” I finished my voice breaking as emotion welled in be threatening to overwhelm me once more. Carter didn’t push further as we rode towards the coast giving me a bit of space. 


Tynemouth was everything I had thought the north of England wasn’t.  Neat lines of pretty and expensive looking houses a broad high street lined with shops and at the far end, on a headland sticking out into the sea the ruins of a castle and priory.  Carter’s Tesla drifted through the town with barely a noise as we turned right at the ruins and steeply downhill towards a little bay between two headlands his house wasn’t the top of the second headland and the last and largest house in a group there. We drove through a pair of automatic gates and parked beside his house and an older Nissan Leaf. 

“So how does a walk fish and chips and a chat and snuggles sound?” Carter said 

“Replace snuggles with a good hard fucking and It sounds great”


* * *


I woke up the next morning in the guest bedroom. It had been a long evening of talking and revelations. I remembered confessing something to Carter at one point but beers had been in play and I just couldn’t remember much else.


I got up slowly and went to the bathroom I was wearing an oversized T-shirt which wasn’t mine  and nothing else.  


Christ I hope I hadn’t made a tit of myself last night, I thought to myself. I had a pretty low tolerance for alcohol which made me a cheap date but  had also been dangerous on more than one occasion.


I peed in the toilet lifting the T-shirt up at first then pulling it off when I decided a shower was the next thing I needed. I looked over at myself in the mirror and sighed. I really would live to be taller but I was 23 now and 5ft 5 was as big as I was hogging to get I guessed. It wouldn’t have been to bad but I was skinny, skinny arms, skinny legs skinny body. Carter said toned, but I said skinny, this coupled with red hair and pale white skin gave me a ginger twink look. I turned, a little checking out my backside it was by far my best feature,  a pretty cute, pert bubble of a butt which almost made up for my kind of small dick and it’s barely present ginger pubes. 


I sighed and hit the shower.


By the time I stepped back into the bedroom I could smell bacon cooking and the rumbling in my stomach me all I needed to know about it what it wanted.  I looked around the room for my clothes but they couldn’t be found anywhere. After a few minutes searching I went back into the en suite and put the T-shirt back on and went in search of Carter and bacon.


“Good morning Finny” Carter greeted as I walked barefoot into the kitchen Carter was wearing what looked to be black silky PJ bottoms with a crisp white T-shirt as a top and I thought damn even his PJs were stylish. I pulled the t shirt further down in front of me suddenly feeling self conscious and shy.


“How’s the head?” He continued.


“Sore but I’ll manage” I paused sit in on a stool by the kitchens breakfast bar “How much did I drink last night“


“Well we got through my six pack and I only had one and a half” Carter was busy playing a few rashers of bacon onto plates along with scrambled eggs beans sausages and mushrooms


“Ohh that explains it.... did I”


“Embarrass yourself, meh possibly but you said that you love me so I don’t care.” Carter passes a plate full of breakfast to me  smiling at the look of surprise on my face “it’s ok I love you too Finny, now eat up”


* * *


It was after breakfast that we sat down and talked properly.Carter explained how he had realised that he was planning his trips to London to meet up with me and how much he enjoyed our time together and not just when I was in pup mode. He explained how he had realised what I meant to him and had been wanting me to come up here to see him.


“So when I heard you crying down the phone the other day I knew I had to do something.” He said “I couldn’t bear to hear you hurting like that.”


“Thank you I don’t know what I would have done. I mean Mike is  a good friend but I could only stay with him till his girlfriend came back” I replied we were sitting on the big overstuffed sofa in the lounge now Carter still in his pjs but with a rice and slippers as well now and me still in the T-shirt with my hand holding it down between my legs.


“So I did have a plan of sorts but if you love me well things change a little.”


“How?” I asked with a note of concern in my voice. 


“Only in wonderful ways” Carter continued, “When we were talking on Wednesday you said that you had nothing left in London and no reason to stay there” 


“Yeah pretty much my family has disowned me, my father got me fired and I'm homeless.” I answered bitterly.


“Well I had planned to help you get on your feet here I was going to offer you the spare room until we could get you a job and a place of your own” Carter said


“Wow, that’s, I mean that’s really generous of you”


“I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t try to help Finnley, and whatever else you decide that offer is still there.”


“That sentence sounds like it’s missing a but.” I ventured 


Carter smiled and continued “but you love me, and I love you.” My heart sang out in my chest “It was that phone call I knew I couldn’t do nothing I couldn’t tolerate the thought of you being alone, or sofa surfing or ending up on the streets, not to you not my Finny.” I felt my eyes fill with tears and swallowed as he looked at me  “and then when you hugged me in the station yesterday I knew what that felt like I knew what that meant.” He paused and looked deep into my eyes “ I love you Finnley Adams. I want you to live with me I want to be your boyfriend but also your best friend you lover and someone you can always trust.”


My heart burst with emotion at those words. I leaned over to him and we kissed passionately Carter pulling me on top of him one of Carter's big hands gripping my bum under the  T-shirt as the other stroked my back.


“I love you Carter, I want to be yours” Carter smiled stroked my hair. I smiled feeling giddy for a moment as we kissed again. 


“There was another thing, last night you did make some silly offers.” Carter said in mock seriousness 


“Oh I did” I said groaning


“Yes like being my house boy or love slave” Carters broad smile flashed across his face.


“Oh jeez” I groaned hiding my blushing face


“Now of course I’m not holding you to any of that I want you to have a life here.”


“There another but here isn’t there?” I barely finished before carter spanked my ass playfully making me squeal in mock indignation. 


“There sure is.” We both laughed and moved around on the sofa getting more comfy before Carter continued “The thing is last night when I was, well looking after you” I looked skeptically at him “alright undressing you, one of your offers just wouldn’t leave my head.” He sighed sounding concerned “this is almost certainly the worst possible time to try this and if you say no I’ll totally understand and I hope nothing between us will change.”


“Go on...”


“Last night you offered to be my permanent puppy boy.”


“I did?” Not remembering anything past beer number three.


“Of course you were drunk so I’m not going to hold you to anything” Carter hurriedly added




“The idea got stuck in my head. I know how much you love puppy play and how deep into pup space you get. I don’t think a permanent puppy is what either of us want but maybe a long term puppy where you are a puppy a lot maybe even most of the time...” My heart thumped and I could feel my cock stirring beneath the T-shirt at just the idea. “Of course I’d love to look after you and train you like that and I’d still want you to be my regular old boyfriend as well”


“Yes” I replied surprised at the earnestness and clarity of my reply.


“Well you’ll need to think about it” Carter said 


“No I don’t, I want to be your puppy” I replied eagerly


“Well we’ll need to plan...” Carter started  sounding as though he had been taken aback by my ready acceptance. 


“You can’t plan for this, we know how we handle puppy Finn now, we’ll just pick up things on the way,  Carter I love you, I trust you, but I'm lost right now. I need guidance. I need to know how to live out of the closet l, I need someone to look after me. I don’t just want to be your pup, I need to be your pup.”


“Finnley are you sure? You’ll be giving a lot of control to me” 


“Yes but every time I’ve trusted you, you’ve just proven why I can trust you” Carter smiled when I said that and then Carter said


“There’ll be lots of rules”  I nodded “like puppy’s aren’t allowed on the furniture.” Carter looked at me and I realised I was being tested I slid off the couch and onto the thickly carpeted floor kneeling there. Carter smiled and continued “and puppy’s don't dress themselves...” another test I pulled the T-shirt off over my head and theatrically threw it onto the couch leaving me kneeling naked and with a near full erection trapped between my legs as Carter smiled at me looking me up and down. “ And puppy’s have no modesty or shame about their bodies” I couldn’t help but blush as I spread my legs and sat back on my haunches my cock springing forth. “You don’t have to do this Finny I don’t want you to feel that you have to or I’ll stop loving you if you don’t do this” Carter said slowly and carefully. “You get that right?”


I answered with a single bark getting a bemused smile from Carter “Use your words, Finny”


“Yes I get that but please let me try I’ve dreamt of this for so long I never thought it could ever happen please let’s try for a week or a month and see if it works”


“Ok yeah I think a trial is good for both of us, ok a week and then a month and if it works that’s great if not well we will see where we are.” 




“Ok then” Carter reached forward and ruffled my hair “Welcome home Finny my pup.” 


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