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Published On Wednesday, July 17, 2019
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I've never really gotten to fully inhabit my pup/doggie side in a relationship or among other people.  I'm not sure what kind of canid I am yet, but I am pondering the question.  I am going to barter with a leather worker to create gear including a mask, mitts,  

I did it once with my first Girlfriend, more of a primal scene really, but it wasn't her cup of tea.  I discussed it with a partner who saw it as humiliating and didn't want to role play.  He was a predator and commited battery followed by sexually battery 3807 days ago plus or minus 3 days.  I started dating a guy who talked about it in vague terms, but I didn't have the language to communicate my wants and needs.

I play by myself, and have made DIY bondage equipment with varying degrees of success.  I have a metal bowl that I will occasionally eat out of.  I give myself scritches.  While on vacation, I have tried canned vegitarian dog food.  I have a pretty extreme oral fixation, and go through a large, some may say excessive, amount of gum.  Also, I have purchased rubber cocks in a variety of girths and lengths to get my fix.

I thouroghly enjoy the artistic work of the Vetrinarian.  I also love edging to erotic writing, partilcularly the heavier CNC variety.  I am particularly fond of the story "Sara the Puppy Girl" by Lokker12.

I fantasize about enacting the following in real life [Ranked by Comfort]:

>Hanging out with Owner while they relax and watch a movie or show.

>Curling up at the foot of Owner's bed and being invited up for cuddles.

>Sleeping comfortably in a kennel while Owner is out.

>Eating and drinking out of my bowls while Owner eats.

>Creating a rubber cast of Owners cock to comfort me while they are away.

>Being walked around on all fours by Owner on my leash at a play space.

>>I have several more explicit fantasies that I am willing to share with the right person.

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