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Published On Sunday, July 14, 2019
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Woof I mean hi,

I guess I should introduce myself I’m a gay subby human puppy and ive been into puppy play for many years. It I’ve also been in the closet for most of that time. A lot in my life has changed recently including famil deaths coming out and a three year relationship  that ended a few weeks ago.  Throughout that I’ve alwys been drawn back to pup play, Ive always wanted to explore my pup side and though my last bf indulged pup play it wasn’t really his thing. 

I’m also info to all kinds of bondage play including chastity and abdl play, sissy play, discipline (I love a good spanking)  and much more, I’m nearly totally subby though very occasionally I can top . One of my best experiences was being fed with bowls and put in a dog cage by bf. In many ways I’m back to square 1 I’m building a new pup ID and looking to gain confidence as me, make a bunch of pup and other friends and maybe find a new special lover friend and handler.

I’ve no pics yet as I’m waiting for a new  pup hood and I’m supper excited.

Hope I get to see you and sniff butts soon


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