Pup ██████'s Ramblings - II - Silent Pride

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Published On Wednesday, March 13, 2019
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Sometimes I can relate to Homer, I’ve been many things in my life: gifted kid™, journalist, photographer, debater, sex worker, exchange student, rep goalkeeper, teacher, emergency staff and STEM student. None of those makes me happier today than designer.

Since I was a philosophical adolescent I’ve always been captivated by masks, by how oxymoronic was that a faux facade frees the true face, identity, on the wearer. Certainly Daft Punk’s Electroma conjugated with a existentialist worldview had something to do.

Can’t deny it, these cool, diverse hoods were a good pro argument to become a pup, but drove me to a huge philosophical fact: My hood will be my truer face, how am I truly?

Obviously as I’m such a thinker I’ve been having a headache figuring out how to represent my inner self on a visual medium, two years already. Tonight, early on the morning of March, 13th, I’ve made it.

Many pups have appeared on my tumblr dash through the months I spent working, a few gave me great insight and inspiration, I could thank some of them, I would like to do it now to those I cannot reach anymore.

Even when it’s a huge milestone for me, I can hardly share it, it’s a silent pride I wear underneath my skin, a pride that I can only share with my handler and you.

This has been a self-reflective project that taught me many things about myself and helped me define not only who I am but also who I want to be.

This, along many other fragments which make up my puppy experience, is why I love being a pup: to have a lifestyle that leads you, one way on another, through my handler or by self-challenge, to be a better person, a good dog.

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