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Published On Friday, March 1, 2019
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Latitude 36°S

That’s way down under, yet over 10 000km from Australia across the ocean.

Yet, here I stand, the only pup (yet known) within 500km and one of a handful in the country. It’s a lonely sight.

This is my message on a bottle and I really don’t expect much audience; if you’re reading, thanks. Ok, how shall we start?

I think I have a, mmhh… «particular» relationship with pupplay. I see all these moshes and meetings under black light, yet so colorful, those homey packs and bonds that make puppy ‒and broader pet play‒ much more than just kink of fetish, they make community. I have none of these, my only way to connect is social media, and just recently as (for lack of my proper name) I acquired [redacted] as my alias ‒trendy, uh?.

I don’t think I’m entitled to an opinion on the community other than it’s impressive how complex and full of nuances it has become, I never expected it till I ran into it. I do want to make a change towards having such vibrant nightlife on my corner of the globe, but with no followers and in such backwards country, I don’t see anything coming out of it anytime soon.

Sometimes I joke about being a “zen pup” with my handler: we got into pupplay almost by accident and resonated so well with us that became a key element of our lives, our identity, but also shifted our view of the world and ourselves. We are different people now, for the better: happier, better, stronger and relentless on walking our shared path.

I thought I was a good boyfriend, not great, not bad, troubled nonetheless. Now I look back and feel it to be so insubstantial, lacking depth. It’s misleading to say that because I became a pup we strengthen our bond, but pupplay lead us to share things that romantic love cannot, the trust needed unlocks the deepest of our beings and, when in good hands, has the power to transform one from the inside out, and that takes time, 3 years already. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

I think I’ve just seen the start of the path that the mantra which started it all drove me into: “as a dog to my handler”: Trust him, Follow him, Protect him. He will Protect you, Nurture you and Elevate you.

Yeah, maybe that zen joke isn’t that dramatic after all.

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