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Published On Wednesday, February 20, 2019
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Hey puppers and handlers,

I'm Fletcher, an 19 year old pup from Dornbirn, Austria. And now I wanna tell you how pup play gave me a home I never really had before.


I can't really recall when all of this started. I just now that I set up an Instagram and at some point I stumbled across human pups. And I was mesmerized by them. Simply everything, what they did, what they wore, it made me dream about becoming one. 

Eventually I started to follow these accounts. Which was kind of a bad idea. Cause my class mates where able to see that I was following them. What followed now seems to be the recurring theme in my life: Being made fun of. 

I expirienced this for various reasons. Being a nerd, being bad at sports, being a softy and most recently being gay. My class just stopped to make fun of me for that as they saw that I was interessted into this kinda stuff. But luckily this was at the end of the school year and so they eventually would have forgotten this over the summer.

During summer I worked to buy myself a puppy hood. And as you can see, I did. I still can remember the first time wearing like it was today. I never felt so beautiful ever before. Not once in my life. 


I started posting on a pup exclusive Instagram and sharing the links on an extra twitter. But one day, a mistake happend. I shared a link to one of my post on my regular twitter. Where my class"mates" followed me as well.

I think I dont need to tell you what happend during this school year... 


But this blog shall not be about the "bad" things pupplay brought to my life. It's about how it gave me a home.

Shortly after creating an Instagram, I joined the Telegram group of Puppypride Social. And, oh boy, what a group. From the beginning I felt at home like never before. 

Just one week after I got my hood, I had the chance to meet a pup from Florida visiting my town during his holiday in europe. I knew him from other chat rooms but never thought I would meet him eve in real life. I also meet one pup from Switzerland and two other Austrian pups, just about a month ago. 


After all, Pup Play gave me so much. And I want to give this back. I want to spread the love among pups. The love I never had felt before.

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