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Published On Wednesday, December 19, 2018
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So I don't feel that strongly about it or anything and I'm not trying to start an argument but I thought I would voice my opinion on documentaries about kinks and stuff like that. 

While these documentaries about certain kinks (pup play, pony play, etc for example and even just furries) show people what it's all about, it creates a lot of negative attention as well. A lot of people see what we do as pups and probably think it's great but I've found that it just draws attention to us from vanillas or non-pups that is super negative. It makes those people aware that we exist and makes them not like us.

And I'm sure we all know what people I'm talking about. The haters that call us mentally ill, disgusting, freaks, weirdos, perverts, and whatever else. The ones that say we should be euthanized or killed. They hold such an extreme view on a group of people that are just enjoying themselves and not hurting anyone else. 

My best example right now is the one on Extreme Love about Tony Bark being a pup. I liked that video but vanillas seemed to dislike it.

There are pros and cons to documentaries bringing us publicity but I have almost exclusively seen negative attention from it. The only people that seemed to like the episode of Extreme Love were other pups, pets, and kinksters. A coworker of mine clicked on the video, not knowing I"m secretly a pup, and called it "pretty cringey". I didn't think negative comments would upset me because they usually don't but when my coworker, someone I actually know, said something I was a bit sad. I defended the video as best as I could without outing myself and sounding like a pup.

Some documentaries also tend to take what the people say out of context or make them seem weirder than they are. Or they don't explain the topic of the episode/documentary/video completely, leaving vanillas confused and ready to make fun of it.

I just feel like when these videos come out they do more harm than good, you know? Again, I enjoy them, but that's probably because I am a pup and a furry.

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